Crysis 3 Multiplayer Preview Shines, Even In Alpha

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Here, I'm going to unrepentantly geek out over texturing and reflections. One of the most frustrating things about game development's "Console first" approach is the way certain textures and surfaces end up looking like crap on a modern GPU. This is a consequence of the fact that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are roughly 6000 years old in GPU-years, and it often sends PC gamers fleeing to the Internet in search of third-party mod packs that make games look better.

Check tree / water reflections and texturing on bricks and the far bank at some distance.

Crysis 3 looks better, out of the box. Granted, CryEngine 3 faces some stiff competition from the new Unreal engine, but it's refreshing to see games that are pushing the visual boundary instead of slapping some less-blurry textures on 2005-era design. The bricks you see here are either well-tesselated or using high-quality maps.

See the broken poster to the left? That's an example of a detail that current console maps would blur, to conserve processing power for the main game. On a modern PC, that's not necessary.

You can't actually head off to explore in that direction, but it looks as if you could. The open spaces keep the map from feeling claustrophobic, while the broken buildings and ruined sewers provide a much larger playground than you might think at first glance.

We can't say much about actual gameplay at this point, other than to note it's fun. Even in alpha, players have cloaks, melee attacks, and different classes with varying weapon loadouts. Gear and capabilities are unlocked on a scale as you level up and complete objectives. If you've played BF3 or COD:MW2, you'll feel right at home with this.

Obviously great graphics can only carry a game so far, and it'd be premature to draw conclusions about Crysis' multiplayer from a single alpha map, much less its single-player campaign. Still, if the game plays half as good as it looks, it'll be a breakout success.
Preview Hardware: Intel Core i7-2600K, 8GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 670

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realneil 2 years ago

I'll probably buy this when it comes out.

Thanks for the pics Marco, really does have some killer detail.

kidbest100 2 years ago

I REALLY hope that they do make this game super demanding.

It will push the limits of the hardware we have, and make people desire more power.

It'll push people Like intel, AMD, and Nvidia to make better hardware, so that once again, the most popular Question... Will be:

"But can it run Crysis?"

aTrumpetPlayer 2 years ago

I wish these images were higher res, but I already know the capabilities of CryEngine. I wish I had a rig that could run this thing!

detnight 2 years ago

I have never played any of the Crysis games but watched my son play the last one on the XBOX360 and I really like the game play. I will be getting it and the new one when it comes out for my PC. I can play shooting games on the consoles very well so all of the shootem games are for the PC and racing for my PS3 and XBOX360.

TR1PW1R3 2 years ago

I have a rig just good enough to play it. I have the Alpha and it's ok. The graphics and gameplay is decent but never been too big of the Crysis multiplayer. The same classes running around in the same suits and they don't look any different except for colors (Blue and Red,

chemicalelite 2 years ago

they love to make this game require a 4grand computer every time it comes out

Big White 2 years ago

Wow, looks amazing

dorkstar 2 years ago

Wow, now this one looks like ubisoft. I didn't think Crysis 2 had that "shine" that usually accompanies anything ubisoft puts their golden hands on.

sackyhack 2 years ago

Is Far Cry 3 running on the same engine Crysis 3 will use?  I've seen some FC3 gameplay videos and it is one of the most gorgeous games I have ever seen, and the rig running it was very similar to my mid-range desktop.  Crytek has really been improving their programming, overcoming the "but can it run Crysis" stigma while still keeping some of the best visuals this gen.

wakanabi one year ago


No Ubisoft bought the rights to Far Cry after the first game, along with the use of a modified CryEngine2 called Dunia. Far Cry 3 is beautiful artistically because Ubi has a lot of talented artists. But technically Far Cry 3 on PC isn't that technically impressive. Textures are kinda weak as well as post effects. Crysis 3 is going to make me buy a second GTX 670 to max it out, from the Beta I've been playing it is going to be one gorgeous game. Single player is going to be much more impressive than multi as well

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