Wikileaks Shut Down by U.S. Court

Wikileaks was started with the intention of allowing whistleblowers to anonymously release government and corporate documents, "an uncensorable version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. " Of course, that only works if the site is reachable.

A federal judge in San Francisco has shut down a Web site that posted more than a million government and corporate documents from whistleblowers and others alleging criminal acts worldwide.

A permanent injunction was issued Friday by U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White. It was sought by the Swiss banking group Julius Baer after internal documents were posted to claiming to show the bank was connected to money laundering and tax evasion in its offshore operations in the Cayman Islands. The bank has accused a former vice president of leaking the records, which it claims are confidential.

You can still reach the site if you know the IP address or if you go through a different country domain.  The site's not down, just DNS information for it.

Via:  USA Today
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
Why would they take down a site for whistle blowers? That seems like a good thing to have, as long as the documents leaked don't endanger national security.

Also, who needs leaked documents to guess that someone's banking in the Cayman islands has something to do with tax evasion? Surprise!
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

[quote user="Lev_Astov"]Also, who needs leaked documents to guess that someone's banking in the Cayman islands has something to do with tax evasion? Surprise![/quote]



ice91785 6 years ago

I guess freedom of speech/press as a constitutional right isn't really a right anymore hmm?

werty316 6 years ago

I think it would be a goo ditme to be paranoid these days as anything can get leaked out and with the grand scale of the internet privacy can be a challange. 

donpm 6 years ago

The USA hates free speech, what planet have you been living?

Kamrooz 6 years ago

As always with time, politicians become corrupt, and a government derails from th foundations it was created upon. Honestly, The world of politics is just so corrupt, we really do need all these documents and funding information to be widely available. The more transparent the government becomes, the better it can work for the people. Afterall, this nation was founded on "Built for the people, by the people". More like "Built for the lobbyist and corrupt politicians". 

mazuki 6 years ago
here you go:
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