Next-Gen NVIDIA Specs Leaked?

Specs for the next-generation NVIDIA cards have leaked onto the web, but we advise readers not to place too much faith in these specs until the cards actually ship.

On to the specs:

“The GTX 280 enables all features of the D10U processor; the GTX 260 version will consist of a significantly cut-down version of the same GPU.  The D10U-30 will enable all 240 unified stream processors designed into the processor.  NVIDIA documentation claims these second-generation unified shaders perform 50 percent better than the shaders found on the D9 cards released earlier this year.

The main difference between the two new GeForce GTX variants revolves around the number of shaders and memory bus width.  Most importantly, NVIDIA disables 48 stream processors on the GTX 260. GTX 280 ships with a 512-bit memory bus capable of supporting 1GB GDDR3 memory; the GTX 260 alternative has a 448-bit bus with support for 896MB.”

Other rumored specs are that the cards will support PCIe 2.1 and strangely enough they will only support DX 10.0, and not 10.1 or any other revision.  This could simply be an early driver issue or perhaps just bogus information.  The last interesting feature everyone is buzzing about is PhysX support.

We’re certainly eager to see how well AMD’s Radeon 4000 series stacks up against NVIDIA’s upcoming hardware.
Via:  DailyTech
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ice_73 6 years ago
d10u processor? first time i heard of it... i thought nvidia named their chips in g g80, g92... etc...
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Yeah, this naming is news to me too. 

 Though I did hear of the weird bandwiths somewhere else before.  Nvidia, wtf are you doing?  448-bit, seriously?  Last gen wasn't bad enough with your silly 320-bit GPUs with 640mb of memory.  896mb... dear lord.  There still has yet to be shown performance difference between 256-bit and 512-bit, let alone these abominations such as 320-bit, 384-bit, and now the king of the crap hill: the 448-bit.  Bah, humbug!

peti1212 6 years ago

 Looks like it will be a killer graphics card. I am only waiting for the time when Crysis will be playable at max at a decent resolution like 1680x1050 with like 60FPS with only one card. I can keep dreaming. :)

shanewu 6 years ago
Anyone besides me thinking their new naming scheme will NOT help decrease confusion??!?
ryan92084 6 years ago

the D10U is more commonly known as the g200 (previously known as the g100) and the D9 cards would be the g92/94.  they keep trying to make their naming scheme easier for the average consumer and its throwing off the enthusiasts who follow the rumors.

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