Asus EAH3870 X2 1GB TOP Sneak Peek

Ever get the hankering to run not one but four panels from a single graphics card?  Let's see... How about a quartet of 24" widescreens spanning your desktop or game environment?  The good folks at Asus sent this beefy plank-o-silicon over for test and evaluation and needless to say, it seemingly has the gifts. 

Asus' EAH3870 X2 1GB TOP - Radeon HD 3870 X2




  • 1GB of .8ns Hynix GDDR3 DRAM (1200MHz/2.4GHz GDDR3)
  • Quad dual-link DVI outputs
  • Overclocked out of the box (speeds to be announced in our full review)
  • Custom cooling with dual fans
  • All copper heat-plate with heatpipes linked to dual aluminum heatsinks.
  • Much lighter wieght than the original reference design AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2
  • Dual slot solution

In typical fashion, Asus steps out to market with something innovative and different versus a run-of-the-mill reference design.  The Asus design team was able to cram four dual-link DVI connectors and an S-Video port into a single dual-slot back plate.  Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead as to how this new high-end board performs.

Via:  HotHardware
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Lev_Astov 6 years ago
That's just ridiculous! I love it! This is making me want to go with ATI again in my next machine. Can these be crossfired?
^Bad_Boy^ 6 years ago
So you want 8 Monitors ? :S
M0R0NI 6 years ago

I just cant believe someone needs that many monitors!

Marco C 6 years ago
Yes, they can be CrossFired, just not yet. The CrossFireX drivers are supposed to be ready in March.
Dave_HH 6 years ago
:) Just had to crack the whip there. Don't tease our loyal readers for too long Wopo!
jtm55 6 years ago

 Hi All,


recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I understand that xfire drivers for this card won't be available till march, but I'm wondering if newer Ati cards in general(i.e. 3850/3870)will work in xfire mode on my current board(in sig).

Also since my board isn't pcie 2.0 will that negatively affect performance and if so by approx. how much percentage-wise???


Strike that last question... shoulda been obvious to me.

LaMpiR 6 years ago
This is awsome :)
Lorphos 6 years ago
Can you find out wether the DVI ports are genlocked or not? This is a requirement to use them with a 3840x2400 WQUXGA IBM T221 monitor. Thanks!
Dave_HH 6 years ago
We're not actually sure on this but will ask our AMD-ATI contacts and get back to you ASAP.
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