ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 R680 at CES

While making our way through various exhibits at CES, Dave and I got a chance to get hands on time with AMD's upcoming ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics card.  As we mentioned in our initial coverage of the ATI Radeon HD 3800 series back in November, the 3870 X2 is a dual-GPU powered card that leverages ATI's CrossFire technology.  Here's an up close and personal look at the card...

The ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 In The Flesh

We can't disclose any specifications just yet, but can say that the 3870 X2 has a pair of R670 GPUs on single PCB coupled together via a PCI Express fanout switch from PLX.  Frame Buffer memory configurations are likely to be similar to existing Radeon HD 3870 cards - per GPU - but representatives from ATI informed us that board parters are likely to design cards with up to 2GB frame buffers.  As for power and performance, once again, we can't give specifics for now.  However, think less power than a 2900 XT with performance on par or better than a Radeon HD 3870 CrossFire configuration.

Via:  HotHardware
mazuki 6 years ago
if the 4xxx series don't come out soon enough, this will be what i get, but i hope that they went to aluminum heatsink rather than the nasty copper dust magnet they used to use.

can you speculate on that at least? just from what you saw?

also the black on the backside of the card is oh so pretty, can we get any better pictures of it? or is it too late?
jtm55 6 years ago

Hi All,

2 core's on 1 board, 2Gb frame buffers, I can't wait to see how that translates into performance.

Endersothergame 6 years ago

Agreed, I was thinking th same thing why don't the pictures expand...  I was also hoping the ones in the skulltrail article could be made to expand

Marco C 6 years ago
We actually have information that will answer your questions but can't go into specifics just yet. The heatsink is NOT all copper though.
jtm55 6 years ago

Hi All,

I'm so beside myself waiting to hear what the performance for this card will be. I do hope that it performs well & gives Nvidia a run for their money.

Rexter 6 years ago
I wonder if you will be able to crossfire two of these cards in WinXP or will you have to use Vista only? I sure hope two of these will work in XP...;)
Hedghawg71 6 years ago
I got a couple of 7900 gx2's in my arsenal and this thing isn't much shorter looking. (in the pics) The 7900 gx2's are 12.25 inches long unlike their 9 inch 7950gx2 counterparts. I was about to buy a 2900xt 1gb to replace my aging GX2's right before Christmas to pump my rig up to Vista standards but held back because of limited funds, the feeling that the 3000 series was about to own it's ass and now you can't find them anywhere.(funny how all that worked out) I will own one of these when they come out!
Hedghawg71 6 years ago

They pushed the release date back to the 28th of January! Crying

Dave_HH 6 years ago

[quote user="Hedghawg71"]

They pushed the release date back to the 28th of January! Crying



 Yep, and three driver revisions later, we're still testing.  Stick out tongue

Hedghawg71 6 years ago

No Kidding!?!?!?!!?? Well that sucks! I was really hoping that ATI would climb up and bite Nvidia on their butts with this one. If they keep this up the 9 series Nvidia cards will be out and then they are behind the 8 ball again.

Hedghawg71 6 years ago
Hedghawg71 6 years ago

 In case any one was wondering, This thing is FFFAAASSSTTT!

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