iBUYPOWER Erebus GT Gaming System Review

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The centerpiece of the Erebus GT is the Koolance custom water cooling system, which keeps both the CPU and GPU chilled out. iBUYPOWER offers a few different options for water cooling configuration, but ours consists of a mammoth triple radiator (3 x 140mm) that spans the entire top of the case with a 140mm radiator on the back panel; electric-blue coolant; and tubing wrapped in anti-kink coils.


The refill port is easily accessible on the top of the case, and all the fittings throughout the system feel rock-solid. The interior of the case feels spacious even with a large CPU cooler inside, so the extra cubic inches afforded by the low-profile water cooler make dissipating heat that much easier; it also enables the pump to remain tucked away near the bottom of the case, completely out of the way.


The steel, matte-black case itself is a fine specimen; it shares quite a bit of DNA with the terrific NZXT Switch 810, and indeed, iBUYPOWER and NZXT collaborated on the chassis design for the Erebus GT. Some of the elements are shared with the Switch 810, such as the rear LED lighting and switches, while others are unique to this chassis, including the custom top.

The top part of the frame is more substantial than the Switch 810 to better house the radiators, and it also sports a special tinted fan design that directs airflow up and to the back of the case. Speaking of airflow, the chassis has four fans (one each per 140mm radiator) in addition to two front-mounted intake fans.

Like the Switch 810, the Erebus GT’s front I/O panel features a pair each of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, as well as a card reader, headphone and mic jacks, reset button, and an on/off switch that controls the LEDs. (The power button is mounted just to the side of the panel.)

In keeping with the stock white LEDs, the Erebus GT has a string of white lights rimming the interior edge of the chassis that frames the components quite nicely. Way down on the lowest expansion slot is a small controller with an on/off switch and a brightness selector for those interior lights.


The custom case and water cooling setup are sharp-looking and complement one another well. The overall effect is tasteful, with plenty of zing without being gaudy.

One downside to the solid steel case and all the aforementioned trimmings is that the Erebus GT weighs a lot--65 pounds. Even though the weight is worth it for what you get as a result, do yourself a favor and don’t move this thing very often.

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omegadraco 2 years ago

It looks like iBuyPower put out a very solid system. I love the custom water cooling loop that they put into that thing.

ignitexX 2 years ago

Anyone interested in Ibuypower stay far away. They have the worst customer service. My brother purchased a fairly high-end gaming PC ($1500-ish) from iBuyPower with a Gigabyte motherboard. When he got it the on-board lan stopped working. It was in warranty, but they didn't offer to replace the motherboard. They did offer to send a lan card to plug into a slot, which he did. BIG MISTAKE. He should have pressed them for new motherboard immediately.

Couple months later the DVD-RW drive died. They sent a new one.

2 weeks after the 1-year warranty expired, the PC blue-screened and stopped being able to boot. It is obviously a hardware problem, and pretty clearly the motherboard. They agree with this.

They are no longer under any obligation to pay for a replacement part. All the same, he asked them to because the PC had the history of problems. They refused.

Of course, they are within their rights to refuse, but a GOOD company would recognize that the previous motherboard problem indicated he had been sold a faulty product, and they would stand behind what they sell.

My brother of course will not be buying from Ibuypower again.

I needed a computer shortly after he purchased his, and since he was having problems with his since he first received it, I opted not to buy from Ibuypower. So after looking for where to get a good gaming computer, I found out about Ironside Computers. Their prices are pretty good, and I couldn't find a negative feedback against them. So I decided to buy from them, and I'm happy I did. The computer arrived great, and it's been working flawlessly since the day I got it. Overall, it was a much better experience then what my brother went through with Ibuypower.

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