SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E Enterprise SSD Review

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Next we ran SiSoft SANDRA 2014, the the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. Here, we used the Physical Disk test suite and provide the results from our comparison SSDs. The benchmarks were run on unformatted drives and read and write performance metrics are detailed below.

SiSoft SANDRA 2014
Synthetic HDD Benchmarking


According to SiSoft SANDRA's physical disk benchmark, the new CloudSpeed 1000E offered competitive read and write speeds and writes, though it outpaced only the Micron P400m.

ATTO Disk Benchmark
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ATTO is another "quick and dirty" type of disk benchmark that measures transfer speeds across a specific volume length. It measures raw transfer rates for both reads and writes and graphs them out in an easily interpreted chart. We chose .5kb through 8192kb transfer sizes and a queue depth of 6 over a total max volume length of 256MB. ATTO's workloads are sequential in nature and measure raw bandwidth, rather than I/O response time, access latency, etc.

The SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E was competitive with all of the drives we tested, with transfer sizes up to and including 32K. Once the transfer sized increased, however, the drives performance settled somewhere in the middle of the pack.

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sevags 10 months ago

But the benchmarks only tell part of the story. The CloudSpeed 1000E is a drive designed for consistency and very high-reliability, which is difficult to show with a smattering of bar charts.

LOVE that part! Really great review Marco, awesome job!

Marco C 10 months ago

Thank you, sir. :)

Dave_HH 10 months ago

I want a pair of these in RAID 1 for our servers.

sevags 10 months ago

do it Dave, do it! and then make Marco review that setup too =p

acarzt 10 months ago

800MB huh?

Also, the drop down boxes don't seem to work for me..

Marco C 10 months ago

Hey Acarzt--the drop down for pages? Can you try a shift-refresh and let the page fully load before you try them again? They're working for me. Also, which browser? Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.

acarzt 10 months ago

Seems to be working now. I use IE and firefox; it's working for both.

You guys still list this SSD as 800MBs in your graphs though lol

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