OCZ RevoDrive X2 Review: Killer SSD Performance

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As we noted in a previous SSD round-up article, though IOMeter is clearly thought of as a well-respected industry standard drive benchmark, we're not completely comfortable with it for testing SSDs. The fact of the matter is, though our actual results with IOMeter appear to scale properly, it is debatable whether or not certain access patterns, as they are presented to and measured on an SSD, actually provide a valid example of real-world performance for the average end user. That said, we do think IOMeter is a gauge for relative available bandwidth with a given storage solution.

 I/O Subsystem Measurement Tool

In the following tables, we're showing two sets of access patterns; our Workstation pattern, with an 8K transfer size, 80% reads (20% writes) and 80% random (20% sequential) access and our Database access pattern of 4K transfers, 67% reads (34% writes) and 100% random access.

The first thing you'll note here is how flat the standard SATA SSD's performance was across test patterns and IO queue depth. The IO queue depth set in IOMeter essentially represents higher levels of workload requests of the same access patterns simultaneously.  The Vertex LE SSD was saturated here as we turned up queue depth.  However, the Fusion--io ioXtreme, OCZ IBIS and OCZ RevoDrives scaled up significantly at higher request levels.  The RevoDrive X2 actually started to trail off above a queue depth of 144 in the database test, but scaled slightly higher still in the workstation test, as you'll note below.  The ioXtreme SSD topped out at nearly 84,000 IOPS in the database test, while the IBIS drive peaked at nearly 50,000 IOPS.  What was most impressive was how well the RevoDrive X2 performed.  It offer significantly more throughput than the IBIS drive at every queue depth and even started to approach the ioXtreme's level of response time. Impressive to say the least.

In the workstation test the field was grouped tighter with the ioXtreme hitting a wall at 65K or so, while the OCZ RevoDrive X2 cleared 52K IOPS. 

We would offer that the 12 - 144 queue depth ranges are probably more indicative of standard desktop and workstation performance.  Also, note that the Fusion-io ioXtreme's cost per GB ratio is about $10 or so, while the RevoDrive X2 drive drops in at $2.57 per GB, which is on par or better than most standard SATA SSDs at similar capacities.  At this point in our testing, we were really starting to get excited about RevoDrive X2.

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realneil 4 years ago

It's too bad I could only vote 'thumbs-up' once for this thing.

What a truly awesome upgrade for a PC. I wish that I could afford it.

As I've mentioned before,....what a nice addition to a giveaway prize this would make!

What a prize it would make all by itself in one of your HH contests. (probably the only way I could ever actually own one of them)

Maybe we'll see a gradual fall in the prices of these things and I'll get one a week before I die, so then I could die happy! Stick out tongue

BZobisch 4 years ago

When it will actually BOOT from more than SIX Motherboards on the market we can talk...  From OCZ site



Note: Before installing the RevoDrive it is important to check the settings/capabilities on your motherboard. If you plan on using the RevoDrive as a boot drive please check that your motherboard supports boot over PCI-E. Please check with your motherboard manufacturer for the latest platform information and BIOS updates. If you have any installation or compatibility questions about the RevoDrive, please visit our forums or call OCZ Customer Service for recommendations.

While the RevoDrive will simply plug and play for the vast majority of platforms for these particular motherboards OCZ recommends the following:
-Asus Crosshair IV – Please check with motherboard manufacturer for BIOS update to enable boot over PCIe.
-Biostar T-Power I45: RevoDrive is only detected in Slot 1 AND only if a PCIe GPU is used. 
-DFI DK-X58-T3EH6: Not detected in PCIe Slot 2 (x4 slot).
-EVGA X758 SLI – Please check with motherboard manufacturer for BIOS update to enable Boot over PCIe.
-Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 Not detected in slots 1,3,4 (it is detected in 2,5,6)
-XFX 780i SLI – Bios must be upgraded to P09 (or later).

Dave_HH 4 years ago

Well, I can tell you I dropped it into a Gigabyte board on that list for my testing and it had zero problems, as did the RevoDrive first gen card. Not sure why they have that short list up there. I will ask... I think it's pretty misleading though. This is just a standard PCIe X4 card here, nothing fancy or tricky compatibility-wise.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="BZobisch"]When it will actually BOOT from more than SIX Motherboards on the market we can talk...[/quote]

It only has to boot from the one that I'M USING, thank you. (If it doesn't,......then I'll deal with it) Big Smile

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

Well, you guys are now featured on NewEgg...

Dave_HH 4 years ago

You like that Mental? Heh... let's see what sort of traffic it brings.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]let's see what sort of traffic it brings[/quote]

Newegg HAS been known to get a hit or two during the day,................

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

Of course I like it!  More power to HH.

"Newegg HAS been known to get a hit or two during the day,................"

He was meaning here.................

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="mentaldisorder"]He was meaning here.................[/quote]

Yeah, I knew that.

But if Newegg gets the hits on that page, it translates into HH getting some exposure,....................That's what I meant.

Dave_HH 4 years ago

BZobisch, We just got this in from OCZ on the topic of compatibility....

"We see how the wording could have been confusing, so we have updated the product page to make it more clear:

While the RevoDrive X2 will simply plug and play for the vast majority of platforms, the following issues may arise when installing on these particular motherboards

http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/solid-state-drives/pci-express/revodrive/ocz-revodrive-x2-pci-express-ssd-.html "

So, that was a short list of boards that it might have issues with actually, NOT a list of boards that it will work with. Good news for you I'm sure. :) Good catch though and I was happy to see OCZ respond so quickly.

dadodgeson 4 years ago

i agree i would almost trade my wife for one shoot through in a water cooled 480 and we ve got a deal

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