Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2014, A Fantastic Revision

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Lenovo presents a relatively clean setup of Windows 8.1 with the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon, though there are some additions of both useful utilities and bloat.

Lenovo QuickCast allows you to share files with other ThinkPads on the same network while the Lenovo Settings app lets you configure things like the camera, power profiles, audio setup and location aware services.

Lenovo Companion contains quick access to user guides and a previews of recommended apps, along with promotional spots for different services that you might find useful or entertaining with your machine. Frankly, this is where things feel a little "bloaty," if that's a word.

rara is a music streaming service offering titles from a number of major and independent record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Warner Music Group. Lenovo installs a limited free trial with the ability to upgrade to a monthly subscription.  Again, you may or may not deem this as useful software and may ultimately end up deleting it.

Regardless, most users will find Lenovo's custom utilities and configuration menus a nice addition to the Windows 8 interface that still occasionally has its moments of mysteriously hidden functionality, at least comparatively, if you're migrating on from a Windows 7 machine and are still trying to understand the inner-workings of Microsoft's new touch-centric OS.

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RWilliams 10 months ago

If I were in the market for a new mobile workhorse, I think this would have to be it. I truly can't find too much to complain about. The lack of an SD slot would kill me, but that can still be worked-around easily enough.

And that screen... makes the 1200p main monitor I use for my desktop seem weak.

Dave_HH 10 months ago

I do really like this notebook. It's built so well and is the perfect size for me. Well done Lenovo!

WladimirFlores 8 months ago


Battery not user-replaceable

RAM soldered to the motherboard

Slow and unresponsive Function Key rows.

No good support for Linux (Specially for that new Function key row)

Removal of the *very* useful Thinklight

(And this is a very personal one) No physical mouse buttons.

Yeah, a "fantastic" revision.

Seems like I already have my last Thinkpad. These "Thingpads" are not for professionals anymore.

EDIT: Oh, and NO INSERT KEY!!!!! I'm guessing that Lenovo technicians spends all day on Twitter and Facebook and not using _real_ applications at all.

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