Intel X25-M 80GB SSD, Intel Ups The Ante

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Beyond just this launch, Intel is readying a full family of Solid State Storage products that they'll be bringing to market not only for the mainstream and enthusiast or performance-minded consumer, but also a series of enterprise-class products as well.


While this slide from Intel does have a whiff of traditional marketing rhetoric, there is also a lot of truth to the fact that the hard drive has been the slowest component of any computing architecture and it still is today.  Hence, Intel is claiming that this is an obvious place that the company should claim as new turf on which to establish a leadership position.  The premise being that, if semiconductor technology can ramp up compute performance exponentially, that same technology will enable storage subsystems a similar performance growth curve.

Also, Intel is tipping their hand today with respect to future SSD products.  As we can see here, Intel's SLC-based (Single-Level Cell) drives will be branded as their "Extreme" performance product offerings.  Specifically, the X25-E series of SLC-based drives will offer the same 250MB/sec Sustained Read performance as the X25-M product but Sustained Write performance, which is definitely the most significant bottleneck with any SSD, will be ramped to 170MB/sec, which equates over 2X the available bandwidth.  We're definitely execited to take a look at the X25-E product when it hits the market in Q4 this year.

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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

Dang I really want 1 of these bad @zz drives!

Based on the performance, I'd have no problem droppin 4-5 bills on it... if I had the money.  :(

You might think I'm crazy for my willingness to come out of pocket, but 80gb drives are all I use because I don't require much storage space since I don't have a big music collection, only keep 2-3 games installed @ once and don't store any vids on hdds.

BTW: If HH offers 1 of these as the prize for the next contest, expect to see me post about 1000% more than usual!!!

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Wow you said it would be from a big player. Didn't see Intel coming though. Also didn't see that speed coming. Great review. I am now much more excited about SSD.

AjayD 6 years ago

It's nice to see actual performance on par with claimed performance for a change. The write speeds are a little lackluster, but they are made up for by uniform performance, high throughput, and class leading read speeds. These drives certainly deserve to command a premium over their competition, but double the price is a little excessive. This drive would be fantastic for an OS drive, although 80GB is a little restrictive. The 160GB model would allow a lot more room to breathe.

I am even more anxious now to see how the soon to be released Samsung 256GB MLC based drive will stack up, both in terms of performance and price. With claimed read performance inline with these new drives from Intel, and write performance far eclipsing Intel's (MLC), SSDs are really starting to get interesting.

Nice one HH! I was eagerly awaiting this.

3vi1 6 years ago

The price is steep, but the performance is sweet. Things are going to be great when competition brings the cost down on these.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I musta missed something... what is the MSRP anyway? 

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

A arm, leg, and your first born!

or $600 one or the other can't remember which.

warlord 6 years ago

Good stuff...and the first born you about the last 1 he's mean as hell...they would give me a dozen or so of em just to take him backBig Smile

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

The youngest always the figherWink

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Fudzilla clams a 160gb SSD on the way from Intel. Now thats getting in the usable range.

Cmoazz 6 years ago

I'll be picking one up for my next build, go Intel!

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