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The DNA's 8MP rear-facing camera is quite good overall. Camera controls are simple and intuitive with manual options for ISO, exposure, image effects, depth of field, vignette and Instagram-like filters. The camera's white balance gets tripped up sometimes but you can adjust it manually if you like.

HTC Droid DNA Camera App

HTC Droid DNA Camera Samples

Low light performance is right on par with most smartphones.  It's respectable for a quick shot but the DNA pales in comparison to the NokiaLumia 920 (our current watermark) in terms of general camera performance. Video, on the other hand, really is not the Droid DNA’s strong suit. White balance and over-exposure issues can sometime flare up, along with relatively poor audio quality from the on-board mic. These issues could possibly be resolved or improved with a firmware update of course.

Performance Benchmarks 
HTC Droid DNA Performance

Both in terms of general compute performance and graphics horsepower, the HTC Droid DNA is one of the fastest high-end smartphone's on the market currently.  As you can see in our Linpack testing, the DNA absolutely ripped past other devices with its quad-core Snapdragon SoC.  It also kept pace or edged out some of the faster devices on the market currently in our graphics tests.

Where the DNA fell short somewhat, was in our battery life test.  This is a large 5-inch phone remember. One would think there is plenty of real estate within to incorporate a large battery, but the DNA's 2020mAh battery only allowed it to place somewhere in the middle of the pack.  It still managed over 6 hours of uptime in continuous web browsing with its large display set to 50% brightness, so it certainly wasn't a bad showing.  Day-long performance in mixed usage scenarios also proved to be no problem for the device, so we'll give it a passing grade in this area.

The HTC Droid DNA has a few quirks but they're mostly minor. The hardware is very well built but a few design choices, like the top-center mounted power button, hold this otherwise amazing device back. It’s great to see Android 4.1 on board but Sense tends to get in the way more often than not.  Then again the DNA delivers arguably the best display on any smartphone out there right now, so there's a lot of forgiveness in that feature alone.  The Droid DNA also boasts one of the fastest processors on the market currently, with Qualcomm's venerable Snapdragon S4 quad-core at 1.5GHz serving up best in class benchmark numbers in many test cases.  It's a potent combination to be sure and for $199 on contract, if you like 'em big, the HTC Droid DNA is bodacious and beautiful.

  • Fast and responsive
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Excellent build quality
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • microUSB cover gets in the way
  • Middling battery life for such a large phone
  • Power button placement not optimal

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OSunday 2 years ago

Man androids in general seem to pave the way for pushing hardware limits and growing that area for smartphones, this thing has some hella impressive specs

chinnu00 one year ago

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GLugo one year ago

I recently upgraded from a Droid 2 Global which was of no good use to me anymore because it was slow, glitchy, stuck on Android 2.3 forever, and needed an extended battery. After some agonizing over whether I should get this or a Samsung Galaxy S III, I chose this phone because I liked the screen better and I've never had an HTC phone until now. (I had a Samsung feature phone once and really disliked it.)

I will update this review after I have spent more time with it. For now, this is really just a "first impressions" review rather than a full one.


This phone is big. Really big. I was afraid it wouldn't fit in my sweater pocket. The screen is a whopping 5 inches vs. the Droid 2's 3.7 inches. That's a big difference, obviously. But surprisingly, it fits comfortably in my small hands, as well as my sweater pocket.

As for the screen itself, it is really, really pretty. It is 1080p, from what I've heard, and in my experience it is so gorgeous it looks almost fake. It is the "retina display" of the Android world, only far more impressive because of the huge screen size. I can't comment on sunlight visibility yet, as I have not used it outside on a sunny day. Battery life so far seems to be average. Not fantastic, not terrible.

Camera seems to take mediocre indoor photos, although outdoor ones should be better for obvious reasons. Not a huge deal, as I've never been crazy about phone cameras to begin with. For serious picture taking and video recording I have my Canon ELPH 310.

Finally, speed. This phone is at least ten times faster than the Droid 2, in both network speeds and general performance. It can handle a lot more due to its super powerful internals and 2 gigs of RAM, which is a lot for a smartphone. To put this in perspective, my iMac has 4 gigs of RAM. Wow!


Saying that Android 4.1 is a step above 2.3 would be a serious understatement. It is almost like using a totally different OS. Sure, 2.3 wasn't bad by any means, but it is stale now. My Droid 2 could not take screenshots without root, nor could it access Google Play (once known as the Android Market) without background data running, forcing me to use a good amount of my limited data every time I wanted to download or update apps. Not the case anymore; I think this is because the Droid 2 was released before any Wi-Fi-only Android devices existed.

On top of Android itself is "HTC Sense," a series of tweaks made to the UI in order to differentiate the device from, say, a Samsung phone or a Motorola. It's actually quite nice. My favorite feature is the ability to create and edit "scenes," which are pre-customized homescreens. My least favorite part is probably the keyboard. I've tried it, and it was not very responsive for some reason. So I downloaded the pure Android 4.1 keyboard from Google Play and find it much easier to use.

As a phone:

Can't say much about this yet, as I have not made any calls, but I will soon. 4G LTE seems to be very fast, although I keep it turned off most of the time to save battery and data usage.


Just to let others know, this phone has only 16 GB of storage with no option to expand it. This is not an issue for me because I keep most of my music, movies, etc. on my iPod touch (32 GB), but for a lot of people it will be. Only about 11 GB is actually available due to all the Verizon apps that come with it. But you can always hide and/or disable the ones you don't want. Verizon makes it impossible to actually uninstall them.


This is a fantastic phone so far. I absolutely can't stop playing with it. I'm glad I got it over an iPhone 5, and this is coming from a long-time Apple fan. The iPhone 5 is nice, but it had too many issues for me to consider it. Also I love Android too much at this point. My iOS devices will always be iPod touches.

P.S., I suggest you have to check for best deal of the Droid DNA at:

Thank for reading, hope this helps.

dorkstar 2 years ago

^ he just said hella.

Is it just me or is there just this huge wave of better than average phones hitting the market right now? It just seems like we've got so many good phones out or coming out, all with different weaknesses. I can't recognize a single winner yet, but they all sound like solid devices.

Dave_HH 2 years ago

Indeed, there are a lot of choices and options right now. If I were to choose my ideal phone, I'd say it would be this phone on the AT&T network. Oh wait, that doesn't exist... :) Actually, I want the Nokia 920's camera on this phone, on the AT&T network. ;-)

realneil 2 years ago

My son recently visited me, and he has a nice Android phone. I never really wanted one until I had a chance to play around with his phone.


Dorkstar 2 years ago

[quote user="realneil"]

My son recently visited me, and he has a nice Android phone. I never really wanted one until I had a chance to play around with his phone.



Man, I'm sure I'd feel the same way if someone put a android phone in my hand and said, "Hey, use this for a week and bring it back to me."  I just can't find anyone willing to do that.


alacrity one year ago

lol... the reason nobody'll put one in your hand for a week is they'll not get it back

alacrity one year ago

OK, kids- a fresh take on the DNA- I've had mine for a few months, and have yet to stress it beyond it's capabilities. The screen and display is amazing, as stated by most reviewers, tho some complain about some color issues in the blue spectrum- i have yet to discern anything wrong with my 50 year old eyes. The UI is flawless, and the customization is perfect - i can't find anything to complain about

Audio quality in-call is fantastic and outperfoms land-line clarity. Te Verizon network has yet to disappoint with coverage in my area where AT&T, Sprint, etc all have failed.

As to storage limitations, really... 11g of space is enuf to keep you going, and if more is needed the phone can be tethered to a USB device with a cheap $2 adaptor- and honestly, unless you are watching a 3 hour movie or have hours of HD video taken on the quite capable camera, you will survive without complaint.

The ability to use a Qi charger is amazing- no cords, just set it down and walk away.

Bottom line: if you are the average, or above average user, you will be delighted by this phone, and as of now they can be had for as little as $40. Kids, it's a no-brainer- this thing rocks.

NaeemGujjer one year ago

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where i purchase yuor mobiles in pakistan.thanks

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