Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen Laptop Review

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If you're the impatient type, try pairing a high performance SSD with Windows 8/8.1. That's what Dell did with the XPS 15 Touch and it's about as close to instant-on as we'll get until true, instant-on becomes a reality. More specifically, we were able to boot into Windows in about 10 seconds, and it only took 6 seconds to shut down.

Even though Dell is a bulk OEM builder, the company has been veryl good about not bogging down its XPS systems with copious amounts of bloatware. McAfee security software is installed -- you get a 12-month subscription to the AV service -- but for the most part, this is a clean desktop.

By that same token, there's not a ton in terms of pre-loaded software. Microsoft Office is on there, but it's only a trial version, and other than McAfee, there really aren't any software-based value adds. We're okay with that, as we'd rather pick out our own software versus spending time uninstalling programs we have no intentions of using anyway.

In terms of utilities, Dell does include a handy interface for quickly looking up driver downloads, support contacts, and so forth. You can also create a system backup, which Dell's software encourages you to do.

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lipe123 10 months ago

You guys should really add the Asus brand of laptops to your comparison tables etc. Something like the Vivobook would be a somewhat similar comparison to this.

Doesn't seem fair to see the fancy dell vs regular laptops trouncing it in almost every test.

acarzt 10 months ago

You must have missed the section where they compared hard drives speeds from and Asus Zenbook against the Dell and the Dell lost.

They also compared it to PCs that were designed with gaming in mind and it held it's own..

Not bad for a laptop that isn't even intended to be used for gaming.

Dave_HH 10 months ago

Better yet, we should get the most recent generation of Haswell-powered ASUS notebooks in here for review! On it.

hfm 10 months ago

Can you guys comment on the cooling system noise and heat under gaming load?

paul_lilly 10 months ago

Hey HFM -- the XPS 15 Touch is almost dead silent for daily computing chores, save for an occasional electronic 'whine' when the CPU does some heavy lifting. As for gaming, the cooling fan will kick on when you stress the GPU and it is audible, though not obnoxiously loud -- you won't hear it through a set of headphones or decent pair of speakers.

In a stress test using FurMark (GPU) and Prime95 (CPU), the GPU hovers around 80C and the CPU cores jump around from 88C to 95C. That's about as hot as it's ever going to get.

contentsetter 10 months ago

nice configuration and good battery backup. Easily handle high performance applications.

4 out of 5.

juggler314 9 months ago

I can't see where you got 430 minutes runtime for the web browsing test. I have one of these now (it's a pretty nice laptop in general - although I would expound on that here). I get 3 hours of "real world use". Brightness set to

I do not have an SSD, but it seems like that alone wouldn't add 4+ more hours of battery life (I'll be replacing the HDD with an SSD sooner or later so I'll be able to directly check that).

I can concur on the sound - dead silent for normal use, load up anything that uses the GPU though and it gets rather loud...

Irma Gonzalez 8 months ago

To put it mildly, this is the laptop that nightmares are made of. On March 18, 2014 I purchased a fully loaded custom built XPS15-9530 with 512 SSD and full high end everything for over $3000. On April 21, 2014 it finally arrived, it wouldn't even boot up! What a failure and I feel that I've been ripped off royally. All I get is 3 beeps, a pause, then 3 beeps and the cycle repeats itself. Stay away from this brick is my advice. See for yourself my experience as I unpacked and turned it on:

Can you believe this?


I cannot even give a review on anything else as it fails to boot up. Customer service transferred me to Tech support, which then asked "What do you want me to do?" Really, WHAT do I want? I working brand new unit. Instead after a 3 hour conversation being transferred to everyone under the sun (but on supervisor as I repeatedly asked for) I have no resolution.

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