Das Keyboard 4 Pro: Cherry MX Flavored Typing

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Metadot claims the Das Keyboard 4 is an "order-of-magnitude improvement over past generation Das Keyboards," which is something we're qualified to offer an opinion on. Among the many mechanical keyboards we've used over the years, previous generation Das Keyboards have been among them.

Das Keyboard 4 Main View

The shape of the Das Keyboard 4 is similar to its predecessor, but the glossy faceplate is gone; it's been traded in for an anodized aluminum top panel that's obviously not as shiny, though still sleek and attractive, far less prone to finger smudges, and intended to improve durability. Astute observers will also notice a new font, at least for the Professional version with laser-etched key caps. Metadot says it changed the font to make the keys easier to read, but didn't go crazy with a funky font that draws unnecessary attention. We're rather indifferent to the font type and more interested to see if the laser-etchings resist fading over time as promised.

Metadot's changes aren't only skin deep. The Das Keyboard 4 sports sports a "refined" enclosure to eliminate vibration, along with hex screws for no particular reason we're aware of. We don't typically curse the awful vibrations that apparently plague keyboards, but we can say the Das Keyboard 4 is a solid plank that should have no trouble withstanding power typists who may come down harder on key presses than the average Joe. It's also a heavy keyboard at 2.9 pounds.

Das Keyboard 4 Volume Knob Das Keyboard 4 USB Ports

At long last, media controls! They're somewhat limited compared to keyboards that offer dual-Function keys, but you do get dedicated rewind, fast forward, play/pause, and mute buttons, along with a sleep button and an oversized volume knob reminiscent of a HiFi stereo system.

Metadot also upgraded the built-in USB hub to SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The two ports sit on the top-right of the keyboard just above the logo.

Das Keyboard 4 Ruler

Is that a detachable ruler on the backside of the Das Keyboard 4? Why yes, it is. The ruler is magnetically attached for easy removal, though the obvious question is why the frack did Metadot include one in the first place? Metadot's answer is, "Why not" with a promise that "you'll thank us later." Admittedly, there are times when access to a ruler comes in handy, such as measuring the dimensions of a shipping box after having sold something on eBay. Still, it's an unlikely (and quirky) combination.

Beyond being able to make measurements, the ruler also serves as a makeshift footbar that raises and angles the Das Keyboard up slightly.

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Jaybk26 8 months ago

I don't know that I'll ever be willing to fork over $200 for a keyboard, but the ruler makes it tempting. :p

realneil 8 months ago

It's too expensive for me.

KevinLozandier 8 months ago

I SO want one; may replace my need to rely on Logitech keyboards for both home and professional use (I own 2 K800s a K810, and planned on getting the Mac version of the K810).

Being a Logitech loyalist when it comes to keyboards, being a fan of the high quality, warranty, and durability Logitech provides, this keyboard may be my go-to PROFESSIONAL keyboard for usage w/ VIM to do web work.

Never heard of Das before and it seems foolish to me to not try them out. Knowing quality keyboards of Logitech like the K800 deserving are 100 dollars and a bit both more, $169 for what the Das provides is absolutely fair to me.

paul_lilly 8 months ago

You might find it's a bit of a adjustment going from the K800 or K810 to with low profile keys to a mechanical keyboard, but once your fingers adjust, it's absolute bliss.

s13 8 months ago

I was a logitech loyalist for years (im 36 now, been a fan since i was 19). I can say that going from rubber dome to mechanical (black widow) was night and day. It's lightyears past the feel of any logitech. Then I went from a BW to a DAS and I can say that the difference in feel and quality were as different from the BW to DAS ultimate s silent as it was going to BW from logitech...and I didn't think that was possible. I now refuse to type on anything else because quite frankly, everything else feels like utter trash in comparison (except for other exceptional kbs which are in the same leauge like the ducky and filco etc). Bite the bullet and take the plunge, you won't regret it...especially if you're still using a rubber dome. You have to realize that the worst mechanical kb you can find is still going to be eons better than the highest quality rubber dome board out there. :)

KevinLozandier 8 months ago

Thanks for your sharing your experience with Mechanical Keyboards compared to rubber dome keyboards. You being a fellow Logitech loyalist in the past, I have to buy the Das Ultimate and be amazed now...

realneil 8 months ago

I agree about Mech Keyboards. I have a Corsair K90 with back-lit keys. Typing on it is a pleasure. (TBPO: I really like typing on my Apple Model A1243 Aluminum KB too)

Mechanical Keyboards are the best, and prices are finally coming down on a lot of them. Check out Rosewill's budget priced line. They have Cherry switches in all four flavors.

WendellBeverly1 8 months ago

Next time I am in the computer store that carries one, I'm going to test type one of these. Mechanical keyboard seems to be the best type (pun) and I am more than willing to test out that theory.

rapid1 8 months ago

I personally use the following Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 (Cherry MX Brown) Backlit Mechanical Keyboard and you can get together groups of individuals (10 of them specifically) through a couple of boards on the internet then you get a substantial price break. Mine was $115 + shipping at whatever speed I wanted to pay for. It is 363 days old now and I must say it is the best choice I ever made in a keyboard. It also still works like it did when new not a single key has faded or rubbed/smudged in any way. I blow it out with an air can every now and then and keep it clean not a light has faded either and through Maxkeyboard you can replace them personally or by sending them in for servicing. When I am gaming they work flawlessly when I want them to be quiet they do so when I am no caring and just want to fly they type exceptionally faster but are also louder then. I would not trade this with any keyboard I have ever used and I have used other mechanical key switch keyboards.

Dave_HH 8 months ago

Das is an artisan's keyboard, as are Decks. I love my Deck... I pound on that thing all day and it keeps delivering,

KevinLozandier 8 months ago

They seem interesting; which one you have: the Legend or HASSIUM one?

Overall, the Das Keyboard 4 is just jaw-dropping, you almost catch yourself slobbering on yourself staring at the ultimate version... :P

CowekoAlinac 6 months ago

I had this keyboard for 1 day and returned it, the build quality is horrible. There is a difference in the cherry keys, some keys have a good 'click' and some keys have no click or a little. The plastic housing is very thin and on the bottom you can see the molding swirls. Volume know is wobbly. No braided usb cable, just a thick ugly plastic cable. My much cheaper Trigger Z keyboard is a tank compared to the Das Keyboard Pro 4. Not worth the money!! Overhyped... It needs the price reduced by 50% to be a fair product. Made in china piece of...keyboard

altshep123 4 months ago

Old topic, but I'll throw my testimony in for what it's worth. Over a year ago I started seriously considering a mechanical keyboard after hearing about all the hype. I spend all day on my computer for work and then more when I game. When ghosting became an issue on my cheap rubber dome keyboard I decided I was going to spend the money for something in this class.

I looked at Das and Rosewill and both seemed adequate. I ended up with a no frills Rosewill with Cherry MX Brown switches and couldn't be more happy. I was wary about the brand, but after two conversations with customer service I was sold.

The keyboard is heavy, the switches LOUD, the cord braided and sturdy and the tactile feel is just right. It's something you like having on your desk. For those of you considering it, Paul's write-up is on point. Take head of CowekoAlinac's comment regarding this model specifically, but don't let that dissuade you completely!

Iceshiver 4 months ago

DONT BUY THIS, DO NOT BUY THIS. I've been using this keyboard for a little over a month now. It's RIDDLED with bugs. This keyboard offers exactly three features. Media keys, NKRO and a USB 3.0 hub (two outputs)...and...two of the three features are -broken-. Turning off/on the NKRO lands you in a blue screen 50% of the time unless you hold the NKRO on/off switch for a few seconds too long, thats a 100% guranteed blue screen. If you use the USB hub to transfer ANYTHING of appreciable size your keyboard slows down to the point of being inoperable. Also, if you transfer any files of any size using their hub you have a 50% chance of landing yourself in a blue screen. They admitted to having USB hub issues but require you to send back the keyboard. That's great, what if I threw away my old keyboard thinking this one would work? Now I have to pay to ship it back to them AND buy a 20 dollar cheap keyboard. This thing is getting more expensive by the minute. Their technical support team has thus far offered zero solutions and hasn't communicated anything about these issues other than acknowledging that they exist. What the crap. DONT BUY THIS, DO NOT BUY THIS.

MADSKILLZ412 4 months ago

Sounds like you got a dud. Probably not the Das Keyboard 4 Pro, but the one that you have, if you know what I mean. This doesn't necessarily mean someone shouldn't buy it. 

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