Reinventing BlackBerry: BlackBerry Z10 Review

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When you first glance at the BlackBerry Z10, one of its main competitors--the iPhone--is sure to come to mind. Although the Z10 has a similar exterior look to Apple’s iPhone 5, there are some key differences. For starters, the front of the Z10 has no hardware buttons. Instead, the BB10 OS uses gestures for navigation. We’ll take a closer look at how some of these gestures work in the coming pages.

In terms of size, the Z10 is also larger than the iPhone 5. Here’s how they compare:

BlackBerry Z10 Apple iPhone 5
Height (inches)
5.12 4.87
Width (inches)
2.58 2.31
Depth (inches)
0.35 0.30
Weight (ounces)
4.78 3.95
(1280 x 768)
(1136 x 640)

Above the display, you’ll notice the front-facing 2 megapixel camera that’s just to the right of the center of the phone. The microphone is located below the display in the center.  Above and below the display, you’ll notice the phone’s matte casing which extends to the sides of the device.

On the left edge of the BlackBerry Z10, you’ll find a micro HDMI port and a microUSB port. A speaker is located on the bottom edge of the Z10. The right edge of the Z10 houses the volume rocker with a mute button in the center. When using the camera, the up and down volume keys function as shutter keys. You’ll find the headset jack and Power button on the top edge of the phone.

When you flip the Z10 over you’ll notice the soft, textured cover along with the BlackBerry logo. The rear-facing 8 megapixel camera and LED flash are located in the upper left corner of the phone. The rear cover is easy to remove and provides access to the user-replaceable battery, SIM card slot, and microSD card slot. 


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sevags one year ago

sounds like what the Blackberry Bold should have been when it was first released. basically this phone is only good for those who are already brand loyal to BB but to any of the rest who already jumped ship to a different mobile OS there is no reason to go backwards.

karanm one year ago

I played around with this phone a few days after it came out in Canada, it was definitely impressive for a BB device but not so much when compared to other smartphones. With the micro HDMI port I wonder how well it handles video output to a decent sized tv or a projector. The phone also feels solid as a brick, like the older Bold.

shadizzle one year ago

A few people I know are waiting to try out he upcoming Q10 and will probably decide what direction they want to go. The Q10, is pretty much the new "bold" in a sense, I know alot of people who are looking forward to that ones launch. I went with the Z10 in white, and its been a great phone to me, I really do like the new BB experience so far.

Clixxer one year ago

With the new OS and new phones Blackberry is coming out with its going to be interesting to see where this company ends up. 

thunderdan602 one year ago

I hope these new BlackBerry devices can help turn this company around. I loved my old Storm. The only real gripes i had about it was it didn't have Wi-Fi and i was not crazy about the internet browser and the lack of apps. However, for email, and texting, it was smooth as butter. It took decent pictures and the speaker was very good for a mobile device.

seuli one year ago

It is interesting that is coming out a new BlackBerry phone. I will buy this phone of new version. It has fresh display and best speaker.

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