iPhone 5S Rumored To Be in the Works

You have to know that when you buy an Apple device, something newer and shinier is just around the corner, usually a refreshed version of the item you just purchased it. That's especially true if there's not an "S" attached to your iDevice, which is something early iPhone 5 adopters are about to find out.

Citing a Chinese-language Commercial Times report, DigiTimes says Apple is about to begin a trial run of a new version of the iPhone 5, presumably the iPhone 5S, as early as December. Initial production will be somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 units.

iPhone 5

As for a release, Apple is reportedly targeting the first quarter of 2013. It's unclear what the iPhone 5S will bring to the table that's not included in the iPhone 5, but part of the reason for its impending release is because of manufacturing problems and low yield rates with the current model.

Launching in the first quarter would mark a departure from Apple's normal release schedule. Initially, Apple was launching new models in June, and more recently has begun releasing iPhone models in September. Still, a Q1 release is plausible, given how outspoken Foxconn has been with regards to the iPhone 5's design flaws.
Via:  DigiTimes
sevags 2 years ago

I don't see apple using some a revolutionary new SoC that will double the iPhone5's performance, I also don't see any other major component being changed like the screen or camera. It's just an assumption but I'm guess that the changes in the 5s are going to be cosmetic in nature that will allow Foxconn to more easily ramp up production while offering lower build costs and lower overall defect rates out of the factory. Apple could also roll out a 5s with something other than an aluminum back or a new painting technique that would produce fewer scratches on the phone. Another change th could make is changing the material of the lens over the area to something other than quartz to fix the purple flare "problem" and maybe even upgrade the low quality motor used for vibrations in the current 5.

Does anyone expect a change other than those cosmetic ones I mentioned? These changes would hardly warrant an "S" moniker and would be better off called iPhoneImproved5. If anything this is definitely more about keeping their costs low and production high while appeasing some naysayers, but only time will tell.

paul_lilly 2 years ago

Assuming the report is accurate, I think you're right that a design change is serving as Apple's primary motivation. At the same time, I think you'll see some subtle feature enhancements to try an warrant a refreshed model. Nothing revolutionary, but NFC support or more RAM are two potential options off the top of my head.

ricofrost 2 years ago

My bets on a new camera.... lens... cover :)

thunderdan602 2 years ago

i don't own an iPhone. Did they get their map app corrected?

brianhowe 2 years ago

People kmew that it is logically procedure from Apple, from 3G to 3GS, iPhone 4 to 4S, now iPhone 5, definitely will then have iPhone 5S.

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