iOS Whips Android In Sales And Traffic On Christmas Day

One of the biggest days of the year to get a close look at iOS versus Android is Christmas Day, and IBM put together some interesting numbers that show a surprising discrepancy between the two platforms and their respective sales and traffic.

As it pertains to online activity, iOS destroyed Android with 32.6% of overall traffic to 14.8%, and when you look at online sales, the gap is even greater. iOS outpaced Android by a factor of five, ringing up 23 percent of online sales versus Android’s 4.6%.

iPad Air
iPad Air

What’s more, the average iOS user spent $93.94 per order while Android users averaged barely more than half that with $48.10.

Other interesting stats from the day showed that smartphones accounted for 28.5% of total Internet traffic, while tablets grabbed 18.1%; however, when it came to buying online, it was tablets that were the preferred tool of choice. Tablets were used for 19.4% of online sales while smartphones clocked in at 9.3%.

It’s also worth noting that online sales were up 16.5% over the same time period last year (which might help explain UPS’ logistics woes), and mobile devices accounted for nearly half (48%) of all online traffic.
Via:  IBM
FosterAngelo 11 months ago

nothing new. this shows people like for someone to hold their hand. also shows people are about showing off. nothing new.

Super Dave 11 months ago

I'm thinking a lot of that web traffic might be attributed to iTunes and Apple Store gift cards.

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