eLocity A10 Froyo Tablet Up For Pre-Order Today

Tablets, tablets, and a few more tablets. There's no question that 2011 will be the launch year for tons of tablets, particularly with an all-new version of Android (Honeycomb) about to hit the market. Stream TV Networks has a 10" tablet that they hope will compete with the iPad and provide an Android-based alternative for those who feel the Galaxy Tab is simple too small. The eLocity A10, which relies on NVIDIA's Tegra 2, will soon be available to order, and the specifications are definitely impressive.

The A10 will ship with 4GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage space, with pricing set for $399, $599.99 and $699.99, respectively. Like the original eLocity A7 seven-inch tablet launched in August of 2010, the new 10-inch A10 tablets will ship with the Flash-enabled Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS, as well as a dual-core Tegra 2 T250 processor. The company takes a direct shot at the higher priced Motorola Xoom, and notes that this particular slate will have a 1366x768 display, an IPS touch panel, HDMI output, USB 2.0 port and a microSD slot.

The A10 will be available to pre-order online at Amazon, J&R, Tiger Direct and B&H Photo starting today.


eLocity A10 with Tegra 2 has highest screen resolution on the market

February 4, 2011 (Philadelphia, PA) Stream TV Networks is launching the eLocity A10 mobile tablet for online pre-order on February 15, 2011 with http://Amazon.com, http://JR.com, http://TigerDirect.com, and http://BHPhoto.com. The A10 4GB (A10.004), 32GB (A10.032) and 64GB (A10.064) models will be available for online order, with the 4GB units starting at the discounted price of $399 for early orders, the 32GB model retailing at $599.99 and the 64GB at $699.99.

Like the original eLocity A7 seven-inch tablet launched in August of 2010, the new 10-inch A10 tablets will ship with the Flash-enabled Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS with the powerful dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 T250 processor. With high end components, seamless design and a great price point, the eLocity A10 mobile tablets offer better value at a fraction of the cost of competitive devices such as the Motorola Zoom.

The eLocity A10 will lead the tablet market with the highest available screen resolution of 1366 X 768 on a 10.1 inch IPS multi-touch screen. Like the A7, the A10 will include HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, as well as microSD slots that support up to 32GB of expandable storage. Full specifications are outlined below.

“We’re glad to follow up the A7 with a line of strikingly designed tablets that raise the bar. We’ve exceeded the industry standards for resolution and we look forward to continuing to push the envelope with the other products we are planning to launch in 2011,” states Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks.

The eLocity A7 and A10 tablets optimize portability, connectivity, and computing power like never before in a sleek design. A series offers a wide range of mobile apps, supports Adobe Flash and is enabled for 3D gaming with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 T-250 dual-core processor.  Sporting a high resolution capacitive multi-touch screen, high speed internal flash memory, the eLocity A series mobile tablets are multipurpose devices that provide a full entertainment solution along with business productivity and wireless connectivity.

Stream TV’s mission is to bring to market innovative products featuring state-of-the-art technology designed to transform consumer communications and digital lifestyle. The eLocity line of consumer products stands to take video viewing and gaming to new levels through state of the art display and graphics technology.

For more information, please visit http://elocitynow.com.


eLocity A10 Tablets

•      NVIDIA Tegra 2 T250, 1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
•      DDR2 512 MB, 667MHz RAM
•      Ships with Android 2.2 (Froyo)
•      10.1" IPS Multi Touch 1366 X 768
•      4GB – 64GB Flash Memory
•      2 X 0.5W Stereo Speakers
•      1.3MP Front Facing CMOS Webcam
•      Analog Microphone
•      Unit Dimensions: 10.9” X 7” X 0.5”
•      Unit Weight: 1.72 lbs
•      3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output
•      802.11b/g/n w/ Internal Antenna
•      Bluetooth 2.1
•      1 x USB 2.0 Host
•      1 x Micro SD Card Slot (Up to 32GB)
•      HDMI Output (1080P)
•      Docking Port (Docking Station for Future Release)
•      3-Axis Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Vibrate Mode
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3vi1 3 years ago

Nice tablet, but I'm still not crazy enough about the pricing to just pick one up for fun. Also, that's one huge bezel, eh?

I wonder if the internal flash memory is user upgradeable?

coolice 3 years ago

i dont think internal flash memory is upgradable, but it does have an microsd card up to an additional 32gbs. And if someone over at the xda forums gets a hold of this... oh man... the possibilities are endless.

an IPS panel on this device is my guess as to why the price is soo high.

they also spelled Motorola XOOM wrong.

"eLocity A10 mobile tablets offer better value at a fraction of the cost of competitive devices such as the Motorola Zoom."

RMedley 3 years ago

The pricing is a little high, but of course it is also a brand new device category really. I mean yes the iPad has been out, but I see it as more of a flash in the pan. As I have said on several occasions Apple is playing the same game they have for decades in many ways. With supportive evidence of past technological history I think they again will fail. The reason for this being because they are a closed platform.

However; they have obviously been a market opener, and therefore showed the tech execs something the public is interested in. So devices like this one come out from many manufacturers. At the moment I think they are testing the market to see where the general pricing will go.

This is indicated obviously by things as you mention that are, and that are not upgradeable. However with internal item's on a platform device like this one they usually have multiple models where they differ. I think the market will differentiate based on what specific technical needs they find to be indicated by different market sectors.

Much like the PC market you have standard OEM desktops, and laptops, and then gaming, then enthusiast, professional etc. I think in many ways this is going to be big, but still only a section of a standard users technical arsenal in the end. When you look at the cloud devices, you also see the larger personal network implications that are coming to market.

One of the things I definitely see for these as well as the market as a whole is a much faster growth pattern of technology in general as well as these (mobile) specific devices. They will or are now hitting the market. I think the tablet part of the market is going to be huge. It seems to be through comparison the "Desktop" in the mobile world in general. A laptop can also be this, but a tablet is just more mobile, so from a truly mobile outlook this is the big gun. Whereas a laptop has it's drawbacks.

With devices getting smaller, and smaller, and also by this trait more easily included in a mobile platform. We will see these devices grow in capabilities I think very quickly.

ayazkhan111 3 years ago

Hello everyone this is technologyinf.com

coolice 3 years ago

seriously man.... thats low... real low. Unless its an inside joke or something... or that website is an affiliate of HH.... quit spamming.

Annd, if someones wondering, i checked out the website, its ... interesting... more 'overall tech' based vs just computers and portable devices alone.

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