eBook Pirates Plunder from Publishers with Illegal Downloads

Digital pirates in search of free reading material are turning to illicit download sites where they can obtain copyrighted eBooks free of charge. The obvious allure for eBook pirates is just like anything else -- free treasure -- but in addition to not having to fork over pieces of eight, pirates are attracted to getting their hands on copies of unreleased books.

One of those books is "77 Shadow Street" by Dean Koontz, which is available to order in the U.S. but won't be released in the U.K. until January 19, 2012. According to a report in the U.K.'s Daily Mail, up to 20 percent of all eBook downloads are now illegally obtained, presenting a growing problem for publishers, as well as Amazon, which takes a 30 percent cut of all eBook sales on its site.

"With a Kindle there is pretty much no protection against pirated books. There are programs which can simply convert any piece of text into the proper format and it will show on your Kindle as if you had bought it!," a pirate website posted, according to Daily Mail.

The Publishers Association is fighting back by threatening legal action against websites that serve up illegal eBook downloads, but it's an uphill battle that keeps getting steeper. The organization sent out 115,000 legal threats to such websites in 2011, up 130 percent compared to 2010.
Via:  Daily Mail
Inspector 2 years ago

With those 115000 threats... did anything come of it? I really doubt they can stop all of them.

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

And if they released it everywhere at the same time instead of dumb bullshit localisation excuses, how many downloads would that get rid of? The answer is a lot. How do I know? I moved to Canada over a year ago. I havent pirated ***. I can get it on release day. It was quite normal to have DVDRip of something not even in cinemas in the UK. Worldwide releases in this digital age are an absolute must. If you dont do it, easily half the piracy is your fault. You are not feeding the demand, so deal with the consequences of thieves.

teamcoltra 2 years ago

I run a website called TUEBL (The Ultimate eBook Library)

I comply with SOME take down requests but my servers are located all around the world and we have a line of succession so even if I am arrested, there is someone else ready to take it over with very little downtime.

There are some publishers who have actually been really awesome and working WITH us instead of against us, I think that the publishing industry realizes that trying to go the route of the music and film industries is not a good path.

Travis McCrea

Owner of TUEBL and TorMovies

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