Zotac Liquid-Cooled GTX 285 Infinity Edition

Water-cooling has seen greater mainstream acceptance in recent years. As a result, manufacturers have acknowledged the trend and expanded their product lineups to include these more exotic parts. But what's the big draw for videocards, motherboards, or memory pre-installed with liquid cooling options? Simply put, increased cooling potential nets higher overclocking headroom which translates into higher, stable operating frequencies and ultimately, more performance. But in this particular case, performance is anchored by lower component temperatures and a quieter computing environment. Will consumers pay for the premium that these parts inherently demand? Zotac thinks so. In addition to their extensive roster of NVIDIA based graphics cards, they've introduced what will be the fastest single-GPU based GeForce when it hits the market. Zotac's GTX 285 Infinity Edition pushes the envelope by replacing the stock heatsink with a solid copper water block and raising clocks speeds extensively. Head on over to the site and check it out...

Zotac Liquid-Cooled GeForce GTX 285 Infinity Edition

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rapid1 5 years ago

I don't know on this item. Yes it is great etc, but for a person willing and able to pay the price called for, why not just get a GTX295 and a waterblock from danger den. It is not like this device comes with a pump, radiator, fans or wiring for a water cooling setup anyway. Therefore if you are goinng to buy this card you most likely have a water cooling setup you can adapt to it or plan on buying one. So using a 285 rather than  a 295 makes no sense to me anyway especially with a incomplete WC solution.

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