Xtreamer Ultra Portable HTPC Ships With Ion 2, Your Choice Of OS

The media streamer segment has boomed in a big, big way. It wasn't long ago that DVRs were the only boxes residing beneath the television, but now, many are giving up cable altogether in favor of a streaming set-top box from Roku, Popcorn Hour, D-Link, etc. Xtreamer is a company looking to take on the big boys, and their newest box looks like it has the muscle to do just that. It's the "Ultra," and it's getting ready to officially debut in the coming days. Unlike some weaker units, this machine is powered up and ready to handle all of the 1080p content you could ever attempt to push through.

It's relying on a dual-core Atom D525 processor (or NVIDIA's Ion 2), and since it's basically a full-scale computer underneath, you could load up XBMC, Ubuntu, Boxee, Debian, Windows 7 or pretty much anything else you desire. It's a portable HTPC equipped with 6 USB, eSATA, 4GB DDR3 RAM, HDMI output and an integral IR remote control. You'll also get Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, a DVI output and audio jacks, not to mention the ability to upgrade with an optional external Blu-ray drive. The company isn't revealing a price or release date just yet, but all of that should be cleared up as CeBIT opens in March.

Via:  Xtreamer
rapid1 3 years ago

I have been personally thinking about getting, and or building one of these for us. My strategy with it is pretty far off really though right now. This box looks good, but I would like to know the true price as well, and I am pretty sure I could build my own for a good bit cheaper, so it is definitely an intriguing idea. I think it might be easier to buy it pre-built, and know I have all I needed, but of course, we all know it can be done solo.

Anyone with any true experience with this hit me up, from what I understand it can save some good money on your monthlies for sure. I am just kind of wary of loosing what little TV we do watch on the local channels, but I am also sure grabbing basic cable or even some digital rabbit ears may also ease that problem completely. However; one thing is almost every broadband connection I can get also gives me a discount if I am subscribed to more than one service.

So looking at a box like this, and maybe also knowing what you can do solo throw me some pointers. I want to know real results with this from those who have done it!

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