Xi3 Brings Style and Substance to the Data Center with FreeForm dataCENT3R Project

Xi3’s modular computers are intriguing to say the least, and now the company is expanding to the data center with a unique take on drive clusters in the FreeForm dataCENT3R. The structure features two vertical steel support posts with seven horizontal curved steel bars perched atop a metal base that has wheels. Attached to the horizontal bars are up to 96 Xi3 modular computers or microSERV3RS.

The whole schmeer measures about four to eight feet tall depending on how many drives are installed, and the structure is seven feet wide and two feet deep.

Xi3 FreeForm dataCENT3R

“For decades, I.T. Administrators and Professionals have been handcuffed into a paradigm that says Data Centers have to be built a certain way,” said Jason A. Sullivan, Xi3 founder, President and CEO in a press release. “That is no longer the case. With the birth of the Xi3 Computer Architecture and our small, energy efficient computers and servers, Data Centers no longer need to fit into traditional rooms and racks.”

Xi3 also says that the dataCENT3Rs are ambient air cooled, require less physical infrastructure, allow for reduced power consumption, and offer a movable and flexible solution that allows users to place the rack virtually anywhere in an office while allowing users to organize the drives in creative ways. They also support 64-bit, x86 operating systems including Windows 8 and most Linux and Unix OSes.

It’s hard to tell if the FreeForm dataCENT3R is a brilliant innovation or the answer to a problem that didn’t need solving, but in any case, that sure is a funky-looking cluster.
Via:  Xi3
digitaldd one year ago

So now there will be art deco style data center's? sounds like it could be really expensive for half the power, unless of course they use much much greater densities in custom racks but that would result is crazy heat issues within a cabinet.

warsoul one year ago

We can made a full circle with it ?

Kidbest100 one year ago

It looks a little too simplistic for me. It makes me think of something you'd see in an Apple showroom.

I would rather see them make better use of the space that the rack provides, as is valuable in datacenters, rather than make it look all fancy and crap even though the technicians probably wont give two ticks for...

MayhemMatthew one year ago

I feel like they are wasting space...

Warsoul one year ago

I guess they made this design for air cooling purpose. Like giga server; they have a big round cooling vent on top.

digitaldd one year ago

This is going to sound weird but I am being tasked to get another row of server racks in an overly crowded data center. Looking again at the thickness of this rack i think we could put a row of these racks up against the wall and run the network cables in the channel over head. as long as the Cubes have dual gigabit ethernet interfaces they won't need any storage as they'll be able to boot from the SAN and access their storage across the second gigabit NIC. but that is kind of a unique situation and its going to be hella expensive. unless the cubes run under $200ea to replace I doubt we'd go with that idea still it gives another option to bring to management. Still it looks pretty and I'm guessing the power and network cabling run through the rack or we would see a mess of cables all over.

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