Xbox One Console isn't Compatible with 3D Blu-ray

Show of hands, how many of you care about 3D Blu-ray content? It's a question worth asking because with both Microsoft and Sony getting ready to release next-generation consoles to retail, only one has confirmed it won't support the format. No need to try and guess which one -- if you read the title, you know the Xbox One won't support playback of 3D Blu-ray discs, at least not initially.

The folks over at CNET said they confirmed the lack of 3D Blu-ray support with a Microsoft representative, though the Redmond software giant hasn't ruled out implementing the feature at a later date. It will probably depend on how much of a stink, if any, gamers make about it.

It's an interesting decision by Microsoft. The Xbox One is the company's first console to bake in Blu-ray support, though it seems odd that Microsoft chose not to go the extra mile and add 3D support, too.

Xbox One
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As for Sony's PS4 console, the assumption is that it will support 3D Blu-ray playback just like the PlayStation 3 does, but it hasn't been confirmed. The closest Sony has come to confirming support for 3D movies is by listing 3D gaming in its massive FAQ page.

"Technically, PS4 supports 3D gameplay at launch in North America, though no launch titles are currently 3D compatible," Sony states.

The question that led to that answer asks, "Will PS4 support any 3D content, including stereoscopic 3D games." Sony kind of danced around the issue in its answer by only mentioning games, not other types of 3D content, specifically 3D Blu-ray movies.

Does any of this matter to you? If you're planning to purchase a next-generation console, does 3D Blu-ray support have any bearing on your decision to pick one over the other?
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Dave_HH one year ago

It doesn't matter much to me but that's kind of nuts. You can bet PS4 will be. I mean you've got an optical drive in there, does it cost that much to go Blu-ray? They're practically giving players away these days.

RWilliams one year ago

The thing is, the Xbox One DOES have a Blu-ray reader... it's just that Microsoft is conscientiously deciding to ignore 3D Blu-ray. Undeniably strange, since the hardware is capable of it.

JeffreyJShelton one year ago

Can this be corrected with firmware ?

Sevags one year ago

None what-so-ever for me. The Xbone will be the first bluray player ever purchased by my household and it will never be used to play a single BD movie. The 3D feature on my Samsung smart TV has only been used for 1 movie just to say I've tried it before putting the 2 included glasses away for good. 3D TV's don't matter so I'd imagine the players matter even less.

JackArmstrong one year ago


one year ago


one year ago

It can be corrected with firmware but what I dislike is the MS attitude. 3D does matter for many who spent money on their TV And want to experience 3D movies, specially for a device who want to be a media HUB, now it seems I'll still need a bluray

MarcGauvin one year ago


RicoFrost one year ago

Isn't 3D dead?

dnw1962 one year ago

3D is not dead. It didn't gain the popularity that many had hoped for but it is still used by many. Personally I love it when it is done right like in Avatar.

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