XIM3 Adapter Enables Keyboard + Mouse Control On Xbox 360

Remember "GameShark?" How about "Game Genie?" For older gamers, these names bring back memories of a time when game cheats required extra hardware, as our consoles weren't exactly equipped with extra memory or Internet connections -- things that make entering cheat codes easy today. These days, it's pretty tough to cheat when playing online, and that's a good thing. Companies have implemented technologies such as PunkBuster in order to keep the playing field level, but now, Xbox 360 users can get a leg-up on the competition.

The XIM3 is an upgraded version of the XIM2, but it's so much more advanced that it's hard to even remember what the old model looked like. The purpose of this peripheral is to give Xbox 360 gamers the ability to control gameplay with more than just a traditional gamepad. Many console users would greatly prefer to use a keyboard + mouse combo rather than a gamepad, and this adapter makes that possible.

It also allows gamers to utilize their favorite PC gamepads instead of the Xbox 360 gamepad, and it's able to transfer commands in real-time so there's no controller lag to worry about. The onboard full-color display makes the configuration of your new controllers an easy process, and it's even upgradable in the future via firmware updates. The company is expected to re-open their web store on Monday following a slam of orders over the weekend, and there's a video below showing how much your game could be improved if you're more inclined to handle fast-paced action with a mouse + keyboard combo.

It's $149.99, though, so definitely not an impulse purchase.
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coolice 3 years ago

my question is... i mean sure the graphics of pc games might be better than a console... but if this thing can save me 200$ every 12-18 months from upgrading my gpu... why shouldnt i buy it. a console has a life of 5-6 years and even longer... thats like 600$ i'm saving on computer upgrades. that too based on mid-level cards.

sure there are many titles that are exclusive to a pc... but so far, all the games that i've played and enjoyed are multi-platform. i wouldnt mind at all investing in this device one bit. too bad the website says they're not yet ready to sell.


i would have liked to know the cost.

inspector 3 years ago

Coolice, reread the artical, it states at the bottom of it $149.99.

Neat, but i still rather stick to my computer :D.

coolice 3 years ago

Oh lol, thanks. i think i scrolled a bit too far down haha, missed it completely.

Drago 3 years ago

This will be cool till M$ goes and bans all users that have these devices from xbox live.

SJohnson1 3 years ago

Its not cheating....not having a arm like someone on the XIM3.com forums that is able to use the control of his choice thus letting him play a FPSer. You could deny him because he isn't using a controller right? What about people in the Special Olympics using a wheel chair? Could you call it cheating just because you choose to ride in a wheel chair when we rather walk and run up right?

coolice 3 years ago

I dont know. i think that will be pretty hard to detect. Unless they try to detect how fast a player is able to turn around left right. But your right, i hadnt thought about xbox-live and the implications of this device.

A console is a console and is designed with particular specifications... u dont like it, dont buy it....but then again, if you've purchased it, your free to do w/e u want to it. tricky situation.

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

This article is just confirming or Admitting that FPS gaming is superior on the PC platform, or to be more specific, The Keyboard n mouse just plain and simple kicks console controllers butt. Totally agree.

But I wouldn't call it cheating or compare it to the Game Shark or Geenie, as those devices were primarily used to input cheat codes that gave you super powers or xtra lives n weapons

coolice 3 years ago

I think the argument your making is now a generally accepted.... though theres something fun about pressing a trigger than clicking a mouse

MTejera 3 years ago

hhmm so why when me and my team challenged the XIM3 beta testers, (on a game that was being streamed live) they booted us from the lobby...plus we got a bunch of excuses, reasonable excuses, but still, excuses. Soo plz STFU, a lot more goes into being good than just AIMING.


& btw i can't wait till i get mine.

MMonelli 3 years ago

Not Cheating? Well i can tell you that if i jumped on Black ops with a mouse and keyboard i could definitely have an immediate advantage even though i don't know the maps or even play the game, my brother does. Every time i try and jump on there with that xbox controller i just get spanked. Now i'm pretty good at counter strike because its mouse and keyboard. If it this made it so a PC keyboard and mouse was as fast and precise as a PC, that is definitely cheating, but if that means getting more kills and winning, I'd love to play with this cheat and tear all those little 4-6 hour playing per day call of duty nerds a new you know what :)

AKwyn 3 years ago

It's only cheating if you use a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox 360. It's not cheating if you know how to use the controller for the platform you were raised on (in this case, the PC).

PClute 3 years ago

This device only allows you to move in-game within the parameters of a controller. It does not allow you to turn any faster than the controller can allow in-game. It's no different from choosing to use a racing wheel when playing a driving game. It also can not be programmed to shoot faster or aim more accurately. It all resides within the parameters of the xbox360 wired controller. It uses a physical interface with the wired controller and is silent so it can not be detected. All the 360 sees is a digital handshake with a genuine Microsoft controller. Microsoft can not "reach back" to see what else is in the loop. It's a closed system. The only way for Microsoft to ban this device is for them to ban all wired controllers.

slinky317 3 years ago

@PClute, look at the videos. You're not limited in turning speed.

PClute 3 years ago

You are limited to what the turn rate of the controller and in-game parameters happen to be for any particular game. If you have the turn rate set to "insane" as many do with a controller you can turn pretty quickly. This peripheral can't override the programming of the game. It isn't possible. If it were doing that it would be very easy to detect by Microsoft and/or the gaming company. Just like if you run a mod that allows you to rapid fire somehow with a pistol using a script. You WILL get caught doing that. THAT is cheating. Using this device to translate input is not cheating anymore than using a wheel for a driving game to translate stick movements is cheating. It can NOT exceeed the parameters in the game. For the record, anyone who runs scripts for rapid fire or anything like that should be caught and banned for life.

MMaloney 3 years ago

Sad thing is, from what I've read about Microsoft Live bans, its entirely plausible that you could get banned for cheating even if they can't really prove it. They might decide that you're doing too good in game with this and must be employing some sort of hack. I've read that they ban ppl that way a fair bit, like the autistic kid who had "too many" achievements for it to be legit.

MMcCutcheon 3 years ago

slinky you are wrong....you are limited to 10 sensitivity.....hold down your right thumb stick at 10..u spin in circles like 2 times every second..but the time it takes to move your thumb all the way over to start moving that fast...ur dead by a mouse :) if console users can't learn to use a mouse/kb..then they should get better with controller. racing wheels are cheating then in racing..joysticks are cheating in flight sims...arcade sticks for fighters is cheating..its all cheating. its not modifying the software/game at all, emulates the controller buttons.

so therefore...not cheating. its kinda like a person with a box tv at 13", 384/128 dsl, and mono sound playing against a 70" LED 120hz+, 24mb/24mb fiber optic, and 5.1+ headphones, and them being the host..

there has ALWAYS been hardware advantages in pretty much every console and always for the PC..so why should it change? if you used the gun in duck hunt on the original NES...you did waay better then using a controller..thats just the way it is. stop crying, spend some money..or quit.

fillesy 3 years ago

My 2 cents...

I'm sorry but anyone saying that it is not unfair for little f*ckers to use this POS in the game is an idiot. Well, maybe you don't know the difference between an xbox controller and a mouse/keyboard combo but then why are you commenting on article about this very topic.

I have been an avid PC gamer for many years and recently switched to the xbox. It took me a few days (maybe even a week) to get used to the controller and while its' capabilities are somewhat limited compared to a keyboard/mouse combo it doesn't matter because everyone else is using the same setup.

Motherf*ckers like this "obsessive" are just trying to mess up console gaming and I hope they will not succeed.

Microsoft has to find a way to ban the little b*tches who are using this ASAP.

Sirhc 3 years ago

Well, hermmmm..............Getting use to using a controller in a few days? No way possible. Maybe just starting to get the hang of it and the feel for it. Also the reason why alot of these Xim users are/would be good is because they have been using a mouse and keyboard for years. A controller user who has had no experience with a mouse and keyboard (in first person shooters) would play very bad compared to how they play with a controller. I would even go as far as to say if you put two new people with no experience vs each other, one with a mouse keyboard and one with a controller, the controller player would win. It is walker and more natrual to play with a controller then a mouse and keyboard.

I have over 10 years of game play with a mouse and keyboard. Playing a xbox for a few weeks or even months with a controller is not going to even compare to 10 years with a keyboard and mouse.

Also coming from someone who uses a Xim. Thier are tons of controller players that dominate me every time I play. And I would consider myself on the upper end of computer first person shooter. Having played several years competitivly in CAL-O thru CAL-M.

It takes time to get good with any set up.

sfravenjax 3 years ago

I play on both platforms xbox360 and PC. i am missing my thumb and first finger on my left hand, so using the xbox controller is sometimes difficult and to play a fps is even harder. I have used the XFPS 360 keyboard mouse interface on my xbox 360 it leveled the playing field considerably. I have been playing games for 20 years and developed games for Blizzard and Dynamix so i am not a noob at this. I think as long as the input device isnt changing the limitations of the controller it doesn't matter what device is sending the command to pull the trigger. i am looking forward to getting one of these and trying it out.

AdeMenezes 3 years ago

well... computers are way better to fps games... in one way.. but .... if anyone here have COD, BF and ***... will have to agree with me that fps online games sux.... coz of the freaking lack of security and large number of stupid cheaters....

NDellaVentura 2 years ago

For those questioning the legitimacy of the device, look at this: http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=9535.0

Might ease your mind of being "banned."

XIM3_User 2 years ago

I bought the XIM3 used from a gaming store and I already a Logitech gaming pad for PC gaming. The mouse is a Logitech laser mouse; nothing special.

I played FPS games on the PC for years (Wolfenstein 3D on the 5 1/4" floppy, Doom 2 and Quake II) then I took a break from gaming, got married, had kids, ect ect.

Needless to say, I'm used to PC gaming and PC controls. So when I purchased the XBOX 360, the XIM3 was one of the first accessories I bought for it.

I will admit it does allow ME to zero in on targets faster and shoot at them, but I can't say I always hit them.

I think the people who made all the videos posted on YouTube used gamers who were very good at the games to begin with. I know that if I were marketing/selling this product, that's how I would do it.

The instructions tell you to set the sensitivity to its highest setting then adjust it down with the XIM device to a level you are comfortable with. So while operating within the parameters of the controller settings, you can move the mouse to aim at your intended target. Yes, it is more accurate for ME. It is GREAT when your intended target is standing still. When moving, you have to track or even lead your intended victim.

In close quarters combat I find this product of zero value, even hindering your game play. When your opponent is jumping, ducking, and circling you, I have found it necessary to lift the mouse off the mouse pad and set it back down. This usually results in my death. I will have to adopt new strategies to compensate for this.

I have found it VERY handy in programming what button I want to do what. There are 16 buttons on the XBOX 360 controller. I have the mouse programmed for aiming, button1 for firing my initial weapon and button2 for melee attacks. The scroll wheel swaps between my primary and secondary weapons. I have programmed the keypad to use 2 rows of 4 buttons for game play, that way my fingers are always on all the keys. The Logitech gaming pad has a thumb stick I use for moving. The up, down, right, and left buttons are programed on the other side of the keypad since they aren't used during game play. I have remapped the buttons several times placing what I do most under my first row of fingers (jump & grenade) and secondary commands under the 2nd row (reload & duck).

What I find MOST useful is programming the same buttons to do the same thing for multiple games.

Bottom line: This product alone will not make you the super-gamer you see in the YouTube videos but if you are used to gaming with a keyboard / mouse then it should help you aim faster. The only thing that will make you a better gamer is practice practice practice.


I think modded controllers that fire faster are cheating.

I think having controllers with macros programmed in is cheating.

I think lag switches are cheating. For those of you who don't know, lag switches create lag for the owner basically stopping gameplay for them allowing them to kill their opponents then resume the game.

I don't think using steering wheels for racing games is cheating.

I don't think using flight sticks for flight simulators is cheating.

I don't think using a keyboard / mouse combo for playing a FPS is cheating.

If overnight I had become some sort of FPS deity killing everything in sight and dominating the games I played in simply because I started using teh XIM3, then ya, I would say the device gives an unfair advantage to the owner and it should be banned. Did it? Nope.

Last thought, Microsoft itself didn't see the need to ban the device and until they do I'll continue my mediocre game play until PRACTICE makes me a better gamer.

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