Windows Vista SP1 RTM Leaks to the Web

Seriously, is anyone surprised?

Paying customers may not get their hands on Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Windows Server 2008 for weeks, but pirates can download the brand-new code for either today, according to searches at several BitTorrent trackers.

The RTM, or release to manufacturing, versions of both operating systems can easily be found on BitTorrent tracker sites such as the Pirate Bay, which has made them available since yesterday.

One torrent of Microsoft Corp.'s newest server operating system, Windows Server 2008, lists 42 "seeders," the term for a computer that has a complete copy of the torrent file, and nearly 190 "leechers," or computers that have downloaded only part of the complete torrent. The Windows Server 2008 torrent installs a 60-day trial edition, according to users on Pirate Bay who have downloaded the 2.5GB disk image.

Technically this would be illegal.  Although, one could argue if they already own Vista, that technically it isn't.  Why is it we think Microsoft wouldn't agree?

Via:  PC World
mazuki 6 years ago
why is it illegal if it's a trial edition for the server??

i understand the service pack part but do you mean the server part is illegal as well?
sbeckstead 6 years ago
I am a little upset that you paint all users of BitTorrent trackers as pirates. I use them for many legitimate purposes and even if I download the linked version of the SP1 patch I am a paying customer of Microsoft Vista and deserve it as much as the people who wait. I am not a pirate and resent being labled as such.

EDIT: My apologies to this fine web site I see that the original article is the culprit. I'll complain there!
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