Windows 95 Turns 15 Years Old, Retired Since Age 6

Everybody sing it with us now, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to live in a zoo," and so forth. More accurately, Windows 95, which just turned 15 years old this week, lives on in infamy as a groundbreaking operating system that was light years ahead of its predecessors, and set the tone -- at least in terms of the GUI -- for future versions to follow.

"If you look at Windows 95, it was a quantum leap in difference in technological capability and stability," Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald said years ago.

While incredibly stale by today's standards, Windows 95 was perhaps the greatest thing to happen to PC gaming at the time, next to the advent of 3D videocards. The OS essentially sat on top of MS-DOS, but for the first time, gaming on Windows was actually viable, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Not without its dark side, Windows 95 also signaled the eventual end of Netscape Navigator. As of Windows 95 OEM Service Release 1, Microsoft began bundling Internet Explorer with its OS, a practice that would contribute greatly to IE's browser market share dominance.

What are you favorite memories of Windows 95? Do you remember what system specs you were rocking back then? Get all nostalgic in the comments section below.
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AlanH 4 years ago

450 MHz intel pentium 2 with 512 MB RAM and a 4GB hard drive on my windows 95 machine. oh, those were the days

digitaldd 4 years ago

[quote user="AlanH"]

450 MHz intel pentium 2 with 512 MB RAM and a 4GB hard drive on my windows 95 machine. oh, those were the days


Too bad Win98 couldn't address more than 256MB of Ram and Win95 might have been limited to 128MB

Marius Malek 4 years ago

I was under the age of 10 when I owned a Win95 computer. I don't even remember the name of the computer. I do remember waiting about 2 minutes to log onto the internet, while hearing that annoying dial tone.

I think I played the hell out of this Lego game where you just built a city out of Legos.

Can't really remember anything else, that computer died fast on us.

Xenokilla 4 years ago

Made gaming viable? clearly you never played commander keen! NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

deinabog 4 years ago

I remember buying an HP Pavilion computer preinstalled with Windows 95 several months after its release. The store I bought it from threw in an extra 8MB or RAM since the box was on sale. The specs were thin by today's standard: Pentium 120 with 8megs of RAM and 1.2GB hard drive. It also had 1meg of onboard video memory (expandable to 2) and intergrated audio provided by Crystal Semiconductor.

Those were the days :-).

jturnbull65 4 years ago

I remember going to my local ComputerCity -- later bought out by CompUSA --for the midnight launch event for Windows95. Others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that was a first for midnight launch events of software.

At the time, I was still rocking an outdated 386sx (I was fooled into thinking the software FPU emulator would bring it close to dx performance at significant cost savings). Later that year I built an AMD K5 before starting my first year of college, all the while having Pentium Pro envy. Although the wiki I'm looking at says the K5 was released in March 96, I'm positive I build one in September 95.

AHussain 4 years ago

I still remember the days when i had 16Mb of ram for my windows 95! :D

acarzt 4 years ago

Heh... windows 95... that was back in the day when there was only 1 computer in the house. And it had a "turbo" button. :-P

infinityzen 4 years ago

I was in college so the first machine I had with Win 95 was my trusty old 486 (highly upgraded!) that I stuck it on. That machine is still running (and shockingly used by my parents) to this day.

My next machine build in late 1996, just for Win 95, was a Pentium Pro 200 with 16MB of ram, Matrox Millennium video, a 15" MAG CRT (crazy!), Quantum Fireball HDD, and a 7-disk CD drive. It got upgraded a couple times (like the addition of a Voodoo card). Still runs fine to this day, fired it up when I went back home last Christmas.

Mike Coyne 4 years ago

I remembered that I was about 14 or 15 years old when i started to use Gateway 2000 desktop with Intel Pentium II at 233 MHz with 32 MB of RAM and 8 or 16 MB SDRAM video card that came with Windows 95. Good times with it before upgraded to Windows 98.

fat78 4 years ago

Every one here is much older then i am. Was only 2 when this came out and never have used it.

bigtallsob 4 years ago

i remember the days of 4 gb hard drives. funny how many programs seem to bloat over the years. windows obviously has (i know, it does do a lot more now). wouldnt it be a cool idea for microsoft to put out a version of windows that is stripped right down to the core functionality. cut out all the fancy frills and extras and just be left with an extremely lightweight os that would run on these old machines, yet still be compatible with any new programs of today that just wouldnt work on poor old 95.

Der Meister 4 years ago

Win 95 was great much better than 3.1, Though I cant really remember what I did in 3.1 as i remember all the games you needed to exit to dos. And Win 95 for that matter wasn't much better to begin with. 98 was nice...

acarzt 4 years ago

Win 2k Pro was the best :-)

inspector 4 years ago

I don't even remember if i ever used windows 95 or not. :D. I might have used it(... for playing baby games :P) but i wouldn't know since i was that small and long ago.

MonkeySweat 4 years ago

I remember the how great it was to get rid of 95 and go up to 98 :)

3vi1 4 years ago

>> lives on in infamy as a groundbreaking operating system that was light years ahead of its predecessors, and set the tone -- at least in terms of the GUI -- for future versions to follow.

And only 10 years after Amiga did it!

fat78 4 years ago

wow thats a old school os. never seen one like that


3vi1 4 years ago

[quote user="fat78"]

wow thats a old school os. never seen one like that


It was quite a bit ahead of its time.. like GeOS on steroids.  The cool thing was, it did that desktop and true multitasking in 256KB or RAM.

Yes, Kilobytes.  And it was running at 7.16Mhz.  Yes, Megahertz.

Bill Gates once made a statement that you needed at least 4MB of RAM to multitask, and promptly got laughed at by those who already had years of experience with the Amiga.

I had a toolbox connected to mine (an expansion chassis that let me connect A2000 cards to my A1000).  There's nothing like manually seating dozens and dozens of RAM chips into an expansion board to acquire 8MB of RAM.  :)

I was thoroughly unimpressed with Win1-3.12.  It wasn't until Win95 that I said "Hey, this has caught up to my Amiga".

slugbug 4 years ago

My first PC came with Win 95. It was a Packard Bell P75 with 8 MB of onboard ram, 14.4k modem, I MB onboard video, Crystal Audio, 2X CDROM, and a massive 1 GB hard drive. What a piece of junk Stick out tongue

digitaldd 4 years ago

I recall having an Amiga 2000 with a genlock device that allowed me to do some rudimentary video editing, the likes of which the Mac or Windows couldn't handle for many years down the road.

hitech 4 years ago

Windows 98 is still very fast to use internet. Do you have use internet on Windows 98?


detnight 4 years ago

fmy 1st was a Packard Bell 100mhz 16mgs of ram, was a Abit bx6 board with a 233mhz over clocked to 300mhz and 128mg of ram with a 32meg video car. I had to keep the case open with a house fan blowing on it. I had a real nice 15in monitor, wow what a picture

JPiggott 4 years ago

Oooooh the days of Worms and Worms Plus lol =]

I remember that we were thought of as unusual people as we had THREE computers running Win95 lol

We had a 286 that was eventually trashed (yes, why did we do such a thing!!?) to make way for a nice brand new 486 running a MASSIVE 800MB hard drive.

Oi, "but for the first time, gaming on Windows was actually viable" - STARCRAFT RAN PERFECTLY WELL (albeit, you could make a cup of tea, load the washing machine and shave before it loaded up)

:D :D :D and I still play it :P

We also bought a swish new Packard Bell Intel Pentium II - 256MB of pure thrills.

A few years later when we bought a 768MB Pentium III we were laughing hard at our old 486 which took 10 minutes to boot.

=] oh the good old days!

IStan 4 years ago

66 MHz, 12MB of RAM, 2 GB of HDD space. Those were the days.


"450 MHz intel pentium 2 with 512 MB RAM and a 4GB hard drive on my windows 95 machine. oh, those were the days"

Are you sure you didnt' have Windows 98 already?

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