Wicked Lasers Given Reprieve by LucasFilm on Lightsaber Clone

Lucasfilm has backed off the cease-and-desist demand it had made to Wicked Lasers, creator the of Spyder III Pro Arctic. Admittedly, the device sure reminds us of a lightsaber, but according to the letter that was sent to the Wicked Lasers' CEO, as long as the company puts a disclaimer on any pages that are graced by the Pro Arctic, they will drop the demand.

The letter, from David J. Anderman, General Counsel for LucasFilm, stated that based on the publicity and statements that Wicked Lasers had made, it was clear that "The media and public has come to realize that Lucasfilm would never endorse or license a highly dangerous product such as your Arctic Pro Laser."

In addition to the statements the company made, Wicked Lasers added safety features to the product (pictured above). There is a safety lock, its default setting now sets the power level at 20 percent of maximum, and all lasers are shipped with safety goggles.

Wicked Lasers CEO Steve Liu said, however, that all the publicity proved to a positive, and sales in fact tripled. "This has been strange. We felt that it would have been a very bad thing in the beginning, but it ended up helping the business in a very big way."

You can read the letter from LucasFilm to Wicked Lasers (.PDF) here.
Via:  CNN
Skibo1219 4 years ago

How frickin retarded Star Wars is over 30 years old, so what if they label it a Lightsabre. This is where infringement laws need fixing, crap like this stunt that Lucasfilms has hampered societies progression because of money ....we would be a more advanced society if there was less greed to make a buck off someone one else's hard work ....

acarzt 4 years ago

lol... Of course sales triple... no body had ever even heard of the company until LucasArts made a fuss about it! lol

inspector 4 years ago

LOL, when this laser was announced on HH it was the first time i heard of them. Should of just left them alone and maybe less people will find out about this :D

animatortom 4 years ago

Well, he really cant go around suing people for more money when he just promised to give away half his money!:P

To bad he couldnt do that by keeping the jobs here in California to help this countries unemployment problems!

Dave_HH 4 years ago

Sharks with fricken laser beams!

acarzt 4 years ago

Ya know...  I was really hoping for an other austin powers movie lol

BAstell 4 years ago

Probably someone at Lucas Arts sent the letter for 2 reasons one..it was very similar and people are stupid better cover our ass so some dumb parent isn't on CNN complaining that Lucas arts sells toys that blind toddlers. Also ya a little publicity put star wars on something and you can sell it, maybe a little planned publicity and a nod to wicked lasers that Lucas is flatted in some way by this product.

mewrox99 4 years ago

What annoyed me is that the people selling the laser never themselves called it a lightsaber.

It was online bloggers and news sites saying "IN REAL LIFE LIGHTSABER FOR SALE!"

Still I don't have much sympathy for wicked lasers. Awful company! The provided safety glasses for the pro arctic don't provide much protection. They don't respond to peoples emails and their products are of low quality.

So yes, it would have been good to see the death of wicked lasers but I didn't support the lawsuit simply because it was frivolous. Good on LucasFilm for dropping the lawsuit and highlighting the dangers this product is.

It is not a lightsaber, it is not a toy. It is a laser so powerful even looking at reflection of the dot on a white wall will cause irreversible eye damage.

It's only for laser enthusiasts who are well familiar with the proper safety measures and handling of a device so powerful. Not for your average guy who wants a real life light saber

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