Wi-Fi Alliance Fears "Super Wi-Fi" Moniker Will Lead to Customer Confusion

Abbot confused the tar out of Costello when he tried to explain Who's on first, and while the ambiguity surrounding the 'Super Wi-Fi' moniker isn't on the same level of stupid hilarity, the Wi-Fi Alliance nonetheless feels consumers will end up equally confused. Super Wi-Fi, after all, isn't Wi-Fi at all, it's unlicensed spectrum known as Television White Spaces to expand connectivity.

"The Wi-Fi Alliance supports efforts to use the unlicensed spectrum known as Television White Spaces to expand connectivity. However, there is currently no Wi-Fi technology that operates in this spectrum," said Wi-Fi Alliance Marketing Director Kelly Davis-Felner. "It is important that users not be misled into confusing any such technology with Wi-Fi."

Abbott and Costello performing the classic "Who's on First," which might be only slightly more confusing than explaining that Super Wi-Fi isn't Wi-Fi.

There are some important distinctions to note. For starters, so-called Super Wi-Fi doesn't interoperate with the billions of Wi-Fi devices in use today. It also doesn't deliver the same user experience -- it's much slower, albeit better at penetrating objects and traveling greater distances.

With all the media attention surrounding North Carolina's rollout of the first commercial Super Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi alliance wants to be sure people know the difference and make it clear that it "discourages the use of Wi-Fi in a manner that could confuse consumers." Duly noted.
karanm 2 years ago

Well they had me confused, what is the point of Super Wifi then if it doesn't work with the wifi devices we currently have.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

the answer to that is waste of money i guess.

LLeCompte 2 years ago

More like not so super wifi.

AKwyn 2 years ago

I'm guessing they wanted the internet to be available in more places then before but I disagree with the Super moniker. If it doesn't work with current wi-fi devices then why bother? (meaning AT&T and others are free to make laptops with super wi-fi built in, shudder...)

omegadoom13 2 years ago

LOL! The should call it Super WH-SP or Super WH-AC for Super WHite SPace.

realneil 2 years ago


OMEGADraco 2 years ago

Not so super at all if devices would need a separate radio to utilize the system. But if you read the last article it is not really meant for the masses anyways but for municipalities to connect their traffic light systems, video monitoring, and the like.

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