Where Did All the Kindles Go?

What's that you say, Apple's iPad and other upcoming tablets will decimate the market for eBook readers? Maybe so (probably not), but if something like that is to play out, we'd need to see some seriously low-cost tablets come to market, ones that are not only easy on the wallet, but adept at fetching and reading eBooks. It all comes down to wampum, and the less these hardware makers try to take from you, the more product they'll be able to push.

We need only visit Amazon's Kindle product page for evidence of this. Remember that little price war the eBook reader makers waged with each other a few weeks ago? Amazon ended up lowering the price of its Kindle reader to $189, and as it turns out, that's a price point consumers can live with for what's largely a single-function device. If you were to head over to Amazon and try to purchase a Kindle right now, you could do so, but when it ships is anyone's guess. That's because the device is listed as "Temporarily out of stock," presumably because the lower price point has created a much higher demand than what existed before.

Unless we just weren't paying attention, this is the first time Amazon has sold out of its Kindle reader in nearly two years, and who knows when it's coming back in stock. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a lot longer. What we do know is that Amazon pulled the standard Kindle from its front-and-center position on the company's homepage and replaced it with the Kindle DX, which is in stock and sells for $379.

What do you think about the new lower price points? Are you tempted to buy an eBook reader from Amazon or Barnes & Noble now that both companies sell sub-$200 models?
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Chainzsaw 4 years ago

200-400 bucks just to read a book?

These things need to be >100 bucks to be "worth" it. They also need to get slightlly larger too.

fat78 4 years ago

i dont know i think <200 is a decent price to still be worth it if you are some one who reads alot. over time you may save money on using this if you buy the cheaper digital books. my sister and I have already saved alot using these (she saved even more sense she won her ereader was jealous at the time because i had no ereader).

acarzt 4 years ago

who taught you guys math? lol >100 is greater than 100 lol

Anyway.... My GF has a nook, and loves it.

The screen actually looks fantastic, it's like you really reading a page right out of a book.

It doesn't strain your eyes like a bright LCD would.

Also the e-books are cheaper than those in the store.

Having this one small little pad that carries so many books is much better than having shelves full of books also. Plus the price now is really good compared to what it used to cost.

Inspector 4 years ago

What are you talking about acarzt? they meant to say greater then 100/200. I mean if its only $99 its not worth getting. the higher the price the better it is O.o... lmfao i would say free is the best price <0! :)

I don't read much so i didn't even think about getting one. my cousin offered to get me one but i said whats the point if i won't use it. :(

acarzt 4 years ago

You could have it just to say you have it lol

fat78 4 years ago

i am saying a $200 eread can pay off later because the ereader books are cheaper

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Greater than, less than... I was a voracious reader in my youth, and really missed it when my eyes degraded to the point that I couldn't read print without a magnifying glass. And none of the ereaders on the market recently (even the newer ones, which should have known better) was adaptable to low-vision; ironically enough, the ereaders were built for people who have no problems reading real print books.

Fortunately, smaller companies actually listen. While iBooks is as bad as the Kindle app (or the Barnes & Noble iPhone app, or either of their dedicated ereader devices), the Stanza app fills my needs and runs on what I found to be the best music player around: the iPod Touch. I've raved about it elsewhere so I sha'n't now.

But suffice it to say that I would have easily spent $200, or even $1000, to be able to read again. Some people are like that.

fat78 4 years ago

how bad is your vision?

The kindle 2 allows you to increase font to pretty large lettering

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Pretty darn bad, fat78. No reason to give details; suffice it to say that I take a small but high-powered (glass, not plastic) magnifying glass with me everywhere.

The "pretty large" of the Kindle 2 may have been enough if the stroke width was thick enough; but it wasn't, and I would have trouble seeing it. I tried it out when a nice lady in Atlantic City showed me hers. I have the same problem with Microsoft Help.

fat78 4 years ago

What about the speak settings? some books have text to speach enabled and it dosnt sound to bad. when listening to books read

acarzt 4 years ago

Text to speach is limited to certain books. It does not work on all books.

fat78 4 years ago

thats why i said some but many books now have it enabled for kindle 2

animatortom 4 years ago

They probably gave them to third world countries as part of global redistribution! Since they figured people wouldn't actually pay those high prices for that thing:P

Then again they probably just gave them to the countries that manufactured them in the first place, as payment :P

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