What Protection! Kaspersky's Site Gets Hacked

Nothing is so hilarious as when a security vendor gets its site hacked.  All right, we will admit that when ICANN was hacked that was also funny.  In this case, Kaspersky, who many say (arguably) has the best security software around, had their Malaysian website hacked (yes, we probably could cut them some slack for the fact it was only their Malaysian site - nah).

“The official Malaysian Kaspersky Antivirus’s website has been hacked yesterday by a Turkish cracker going by the handle of “m0sted”. Along with it, the same cracker hacked also the official Kaspersky S.E.S. online shop and its several other subdomains. The attacker reported “patriotism” as the reason behind the attack and “SQL Injection” as the technical way the intrusion was performed.

Both websites  has been home page defaced (sic) as well as several other secondary pages.  The incident, though appearing a simple website defacement, might carry along big risks for end-users because from both the websites, evaluation copies of the Kaspersky Antivirus are distributed to the public. In theory, the attacker could have uploaded trojanized versions of the antivirus, infecting in this way the unaware users attempting a download from a trusted Kaspersky’s file repository (remember the trojan in the Debian file repository?).”

SQL injection again?  This is the same way that the RIAA's website was wiped clean in January.  At the time of this writing, kaspersky.com.my remains offline (it asks for a password).

Via:  ZDNet
SqUiD267 6 years ago

That sucks from them. I'm was thinkign over switching over to that anti virus.

Lev_Astov 6 years ago
Always funny to hear. That time RIAA got wiped was by far the best, however.
1nteljunki3 6 years ago
I dunno, when Comcast had their webmail system hacked for re-direction was pretty darn funny as well.
ice91785 6 years ago

Seeing as it was a relatively small/less patroled website I am not as amused as I might be otherwise.......Protection sites are probably one of the most try-to-hack sites anywhere on the 'net so its inevitable eventually one or two people may get what they are trying to achieve


Spencer Butt 6 years ago
Both of the websites that were attacked are managed using third-party hosting. The sites have never been publicly accessible as they are still under construction.

Since the websites are still being developed, they haven’t yet been fully secured. Naturally appropriate security features will be implemented before the sites go live.

This situation can be compared to a thief breaking into an empty house that is still under construction and has not been yet properly secured. Breaking in is therefore an easy task, but in such cases there is nothing to steal or damage – the websites are not yet live and are not linked to other Kaspersky Lab corporate websites. It seems clear that the attacker’s only motive was to attract attention.

This attack could therefore not harm users in any way. Additionally, it will not be possible to use this attack method once the websites have been officially launched.

adamplays 6 years ago

lolz... i mean their name is kasperskey, does that not make anyone else think of Boris from goldeneye?


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