Western Digital Unveils WD Xe 3.5-inch SAS Legacy Datacenter Storage Drive Solution

Western Digital announced a new solution for legacy datacenter storage with the WD Xe, which consists of a 2.5-inch SAs hard drive mounted in a 3.5-inch WD “performance adapter”. The package is designed to offer low power consumption coupled with high performance for datacenters that need a way to migrate from 3.5-inch drive based systems without ditching their existing chassis.

The 10,000 RPM SAS drives feature 6Gbps tranfser rates with sequential data rates of 204MBps with up to 50% higher capacity and 67% less power consumption of other 3.5-inch (15,000 RPM) solutions. The solution also offers easy upgradability, dual-port full duplex connectivity, and NoTouch ramp load technology.


Available capacities range from 300GB to 900GB, and prices range from $229.99 to $599.99, which includes a 5-year limited warranty.
ajm531 one year ago

wow those are some speeds. It fantastic that they are helping those with legacy data center storage by providing small portable and fast hdd and a nice warranty to boot. I wish more electronics would have more warranties like that but we know they would make the mass of money that they do :\

Clixxer one year ago

Well I have noticed that more and more companies are atleast giving long warranties on mid to high end stuff. My Samsung 840 pro has a 5 year warranty and the 840 has a 3 year warranty. I agree that I wish more companies would have better warranties, with technology getting better and efficient they are slowly coming up.

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