Weekend Project, Storage Media Server Build

Our man Marco BigWop Chiappetta has been doing a little bit of moonlighting on us, at the Symantec Security with Speed site.  One of his projects there has been to put together a Storage Media Server build as a showcase of sorts that takes a DYI approach.  In one of his first episodes, Marco steps us through component selection and there are some pretty interesting choices here.  Take a look...

We'll keep you updated on the project in the weeks ahead but thought you might enjoy this little walk-through of the setup of his self-made storage server mayhem. 

Via:  HotHardware
amdcrankitup 6 years ago

Marc I liked the video and looking forward to your follow up on this because its something that I would be interested in doing!

tddisc 6 years ago

Um...Do you have a gerbil running in there or did I just miss the part about the PSU? Something green of course, perhaps Antec's Earthwatts 430W or 500W.

marco c 6 years ago

Hey tddisc, you must be part psychic, becuase I did choose and Antec 430W PSU. It just didn't arrive yet and I'm a couple weeks behind on the project, so I made due with what I had for the video. Thanks.

kid007 6 years ago

i love the little hands comment, marc hahahahah cuz i got one that is beginning to touch everything!

marco c 6 years ago

Heh...glad you liked it kid.

Der Meister 6 years ago

Man I love that case, My next build will be with the larger 182 case....

endersothergame 6 years ago

That is weird I cannot see the video, just the open spot where it should be.

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