Vista Update Still Being Fixed

We reported earlier that there is a show-stopping bug with one of the prerequisite patches for Vista SP1 which is causing computers around the world to get stuck in an endless loop of reboots.  <insert your own joke about improved stability and reliability here>

Microsoft didn't take long to evaluate the problem and respond:

“So far, we've been able to determine that this problem only affects a small number of customers in unique circumstances. We are working to identify possible solutions and will make the update available again shortly after we address the issue.

Customers who may be experiencing this issue can use system restore to correct it or contact 1-866-PC-Safety for help troubleshooting.  Additional guidance will be available via Microsoft's free Update Support Center soon.”

Bottom line: no official fix yet, but it looks like we can probably expect one soon.
Via:  MS Vista Blog
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werty316 6 years ago
And we all thought SP1 was suppose to fix any issues in Vista yet it just creates more LOL
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I'm still on tried & true XP and hear mostly negative feedback about Vista which is why I haven't made the switch yet. It seems that getting Vista is inevitable since I'm a hardcore gamer... when do you guys think we'll see alot of Vista only games released?

werty316 6 years ago

I as well am still using the tried and true XP however I gave Vista a try and I didn't have any major problems other than the lack of drivers for ym MX500 which of a result I had to use the built in mouse drivers which had a slow tracking speed that was not to my liking even if its was maxed out along with not having a single click double click option.

I don't really mind if there are Vista only games as long as there is a DX9 and DX10 version since not all of us have a DX10 GPU along with the fact that running a game rendered in DX10 is too slow for my liking based on benchmarks.

Kamrooz 6 years ago

I wonder if microsoft would ever consider a unix based OS. I doubt it, but one of the big problems is the fact that they love to have all their software locked up tight. With the new security methods they've implemented in vista, it's making everyones life harder. I'm planning ot eventually get vista, but I'll just be dual booting it with XP as my main os for workstation uses if I can scrounge up some cash for a new pc. I really dislike the idea of Vista Only games, talk about cruel...Forcing users to adopt a OS that has a chance of not working for them. I use lots of old software along with new titles as well...So last thing I want is not being able to use half my video applications.[ 

jppackham 6 years ago

Whens the official release date for the final Vista SP1 ?

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