Vista SP1 Prerequisites Causing Users Grief

Microsoft has already indicated there is going to be a six week wait for Windows Vista SP1 because of driver issues.  Even without that, they seem to have issues with just the prerequisite downloads for SP1.

In most cases, they reported that the final update hung while displaying the message "Configuring Updates Step 3 of 3 - 0% Complete," which was followed by a reboot of the PC. Which was followed by another reboot, and another. "[It] reboots ad infinitum," said Frank Melk on the Microsoft support newsgroup. A smaller number reported a different problem: After the update, their computer refused to boot normally.

Messages left on the newsgroup indicate that Microsoft is aware of the problem. Someone identified as Darrell Gorter, who claimed to be with the company, asked users to send him log files "to determine a cause for the issue." Official company representatives, however, were not available Sunday for comment or confirmation.

Microsoft appears to need ALL of those six weeks.

Via:  ComputerWorld
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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I'm very happy with XP, but realize that getting Vista is inevitable. It seems there is a distinct dichotomy among Vista users that goes beyond hardware specs and technical knowledge... those who've had a pleasant experience with it and love it and those who hate it due to encountering many problems with it. I'd like to hear peoples oppinions on why the field is so divided. Are most problems due to shortcomings/flaws in the software or more likely user incurred?

jtm55 6 years ago

Hi All

It may not be as inevitable asyou may think. A lot of business's have refused to go the Vista route. Microsoft's big retail Vendors, talking about HP & Dell let Microsoft know that their Clients want no part of Vista. I know for a fact that the EMS Firefighters & Police here in Suffolk County NY want no part of Vista.While I realize that there are a lot of folk out there with positive Vista experiences, I feel that Microsoft has a insermountable obstacle in front of them when it comes to how the public views Vista. I think Microsoft may have to come up with another operating system.

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