Virgin Mobile Offers $50 Unlimited Voice Plan

Recession got you down? Thinking of canceling that cellphone contract? Need a bailout in order to keep that texting habit alive? Virgin Mobile USA is looking to make the most of a bad situation (not to mention rival Boost Mobile's completely attractive $50 unlimited plan) by offering up a $49.99 Unlimited Plan that's sweeter than most similar alternatives.

It should be noted that this particular plan doesn't include any data whatsoever, and furthermore, no text or multimedia messages are included. In other words, this plan is strictly for talking, but considering that there's no contract attached (it's prepaid with no activation or roaming chargers), it's still a solid deal. The plan will become available on April 15th, and Virgin Mobile is also incorporating a new "Pink Slip Protection" that does exactly what it says: protects you from losing your cellphone if you lose your job. Much like the car deals these days that pay your car payment if your income vanishes, the operator will pay your phone bill for up to three months if you become unemployed (and meet lots of other stipulations, no doubt).

For what it's worth, unlimited texting can be added on top of this plan for just $10 per month, which isn't too pricey compared to what AT&T and the other big boys are charging. Speaking of texting, Virgin Mobile is also introducing a new plan (also on April 15th) that aims specifically at heavy SMSers. The "Texter's Delight" offers 1000 messages for $14.99 per month or unlimited messaging for $19.99 per month. Now, if only those "big carriers" would take note, we'd really be in business.

Via:  Marketwire
digitaldd 5 years ago

I know someone who has their pre-paid servcie if you do go on the web by accident or send /receive some texts it eats up your pre-paid amount at like tripple the normal rate. I think they are a Sprint reseller.

realneil 5 years ago

I got two Virgin phones now. I pay $20.00 per month each to keep them going month to month. They use Sprint's towers and work perfectly with no roaming charges. I wonder what the plan mentioned above costs after they factor in all of the usually hidden and unspoken taxes and fees that Cell providers are famous for. I also have a Sprint phone and my contract is up at the end of this month. I can't wait to dump those arrogant (really BAD word here).

Having Sprint service is like being slowly pecked to death by Chickens.

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