ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Tablet PC Review

ViewSonic is a household name that many consumers can identify with in terms of their lineage in the LCD market. So, at least on the surface, it would make sense that a panel manufacturer would have solid leverage in components and materials, to compete in the white-hot tablet arena. We gave you a preview of their 10-inch Tegra 2-based g-tablet, not long ago and we actually have that in house right now for testing, though there are OS updates coming that we're hearing should offer a better experience. In the meantime, we also have their 7-inch ViewPad 7 tablet here and it has been recently buffed out with Android 2.2 for what is arguably the best tablet experience on the market currently, at least on this side of the Apple fence. The ViewPad 7's 7-inch form factor is decidedly more portable than a 10-inch slate, and this device has every IO option you could ever want, including micro-USB, micro-SD card, and SIM card slots, as well as front and rear facing cameras...

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Tablet PC Review

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realneil 3 years ago

It's a cool little piece of bling. I'm not sure if it's $475.00 cool though. It was quicker doing most tasks than I thought it would be. I could see using it as my phone if it worked that way.

DeltaSquad49 3 years ago

I saw a similar version of this tablet in Sears today, but I think I like Archos a little more. Smile

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