Video Spotlight: Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook

Today on HotHardware we’ve got a quick-take spotlight video for you on Dell’s hot XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook...

Synopsis: Dell's XPS M1730 is a powerful Desktop Replacement notebook designed with the performance enthusiast in mind. Sleek styling and custom lighting adorn this beastly, semi-portable machine that weighs in at well over 10lbs. Gaming and multimedia performance with the M1730 is top notch, with frame rates across its beautiful 17" 1920X1200 LCD holding strong in even the most demanding games and HD content. Though it's not cheap, the Dell XPS M1730 offers great performance, fantastic build quality and eye-catching good looks.

Stop by our new video channel and have a look:
Video Spotlight: Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook

On a side note, we’ve also prepared a quick intro piece for the new HH video section that you might want to check out, just for a chuckle:
An Introduction To HotHardware's Video Spotlight
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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

Excellent video Dave... keep 'em coming!!!

Anonymous 6 years ago

 Guys, I have been around computers and HH site for a long time and I have to say the video showcase is the best thing you guys have done in a Long time and I love it.   The intro to HH video made me laugh with all of the movie clips throw in it was great.

kid007 6 years ago
Dave, dude this is absolutely great addition to the site. I was wondering when would you guys would be doing this kind of reviews and it finally came this is awesome!!!!!!

keep them coming bro i love it!
by the way you look hot :p just dont tell marco :)
Dave_HH 6 years ago


Thanks for the kind words.  I'm glad you like the new section.   We're still working on a few tweaks to it, mostly for presentation and layout but we'll continue to keep bringing out the new content as well.

Thanks again for all your support. 

nECrO1967 6 years ago

Great addition. Very well done. Kudos.

It's been awhile since I was excited by a Dell product but.... I want one! And is it me or does the LCD software for time/resourses etc look a LOT like the one in the logitech G15 keyboard. Did Dell License it or something?

^Bad_Boy^ 6 years ago



Dave I didn't know you were such a funny guy.. and Great On-Camera performer :P..

The Intro Vid is so freaking cool & funny LoL!!!


The Video Review for the XPS was awesome too, pretty much sums it all up..


I love the new addition to HH, I'm glad of being here for long enough to see HH Evolve  ;)


Props to the HH Crew :)

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

[quote user="^Bad_Boy^"]I'm glad of being here for long enough to see HH Evolve  ;)[/quote] 

That's a cool sentiment!

Beer Here's to: Hot Hardware's continued success and growth!!! Beer

nECrO1967 6 years ago

[quote user="recoveringknowitall"]

Beer Here's to: Hot Hardware's continued success and growth!!! Beer



Beer Here's to: Hot Hardware's continued success and growth!!! Beer as well.


Why do I always miss the beer and Recovering why do you wait until I am gone to break it out? Inquiring minds want to know and I want my beer!

Dave_HH 6 years ago

hahah!!  You guys are too kind.  Thanks very much.  I'm glad you like it.  If you guys dig this stuff, then we're succeeding and I'm happy.  We will have more to come for sure!

Thanks so much, gents.


ice91785 6 years ago

It is a well-done video indeed Dave.....i got very excited about the laptop indeed and its cool to be able to visually see various features.

Keep 'em comin!!

P.S. What would you say about making a multi-part  video guide with this new-found tech? LIke an updated OCers guide or something of the sort.....

noordpoolman 6 years ago

Does anyone know where i can get the software for my little lcd screen caus i had to reinstall my notebook and dont have the little program anymore or could give me the name ?



bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Is it this laptop. Try the disk that came with the pc.

noordpoolman 6 years ago

Anyway i found it back


I made an account on Dell and registered my notebook and then i could look what drivers are available

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Awesome. Welcome to the forums!

3DtoHD 6 years ago

 Amazing, Great video. I wonder when santa is going to bring me one of these!

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