Video Of HTC's 4.3-inch Desire HD Appears

A video of an upcoming high-end smartphone from HTC has leaked. Details and pictures of the upcoming smartphone known as the HTC Desire HD have leaked, though nothing has been officially confirmed by the smartphone manufacturer. Despite no official word from HTC, we already know quite a bit about this upcoming phone.

For starters, the Desire HD appears to be similar to the high-end HTC EVO 4G but for GSM-based carriers. The Desire HD will feature a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen and will reportedly run on Google Android 2.2 with a 1GHz processor. Other specs include an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, 4GB of internal storage, and a possible unibody aluminum design.

Based on videos and images, we expect the Desire HD to have a tablet shape with touch-sensitive buttons just below the display. Although the phone certainly has strong resemblances to the HTC EVO 4G, it will not have a kickstand.

Rumor has it this phone will be released in October.

Via:  247 Android
Tbagger01 4 years ago

Would you confirm that resolution? 800x640 is not WVGA. last time I checked, it was 800x480. It looks like a HTC HD2 that they put an Android ROM in.  :)

infinityzen 4 years ago

It can't be 800x640, since Android 2.x only supports 480p (854x480). 3.x is adding support to at least 720p (1280x720) and possibly higher.

Jennifer J 4 years ago

My apologies for the error in the resolution. I've corrected the news article. WVGA resolution has been reported to be available on the HTC Desire HD, though nothing has been officially confirmed by HTC. The original Desire has an 800×480 WVGA screen. Whether this phone will support the same resolution or a slight variation (800×480, 848×480, or 854×480) is unknown.

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