Verizon Mocks AT&T's iPhone Voice Problems in New Ad

Although AT&T has just released an anti-Verizon iPhone ad that mocks the fact that Verizon CDMA users cannot use both voice and data at the same time, Verizon has an answer for that: who cares, if your phone cannot make or hold a voice call?

As reviews come in on the Verizon iPhone, noting better call quality and less dropped calls, so far we've heard nothing about it from Verizon. However, a new Verizon ad clearly targets voice calls on AT&T's iPhone.

After all, it has been a big complaint from AT&T iPhone users over the years: the number of dropped calls, particularly in cities with a high-density of iPhone users, such as San Francisco or New York.

The new ad goes as follows. A voiceover begins, saying:

“It’s beautiful.”
“It’s intelligent.”
“But does your network ... work?”

You hear a call come in and, the call is answered by ... the Verizon guy!

 "Yes. I can hear you now."


While less dropped calls and better quality on the Verizon iPhone have been borne out by reviews, as well, quite a few people may be more interested in data speed and reliability than voice. Recent surveys have shown that while voice use is dropping, while data use is climbing, particularly among younger users.

This is also a continuing trend. Still, there is no doubt the message of this ad will be "heard." Watch the ad below.

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kid007 3 years ago

Oh GOD! save us from the marketers and all the stupid videos we will see... Microsoft and Apple after years finally said enough is enough! When will these two stop bickering and fighting and let the users decide who is better...

CDeeter 3 years ago

Actually, I love it. And even though I'm a pc guy, I kind of miss those "I'm a Mac" ads. They were funny even if they did put their foot in their mouth with the last one. Have you seen the Sprint ads spoofing those Mac ads? They even have the music down pat. lol

inspector 3 years ago

:D, btw nice guess by coolice :P.

RMedley 3 years ago

Rofl; I find this funny really, as for now we do not know what the real impact will be. I would like to look back at this a month after full release, and see what the comments are then. I am not saying I don't think the red network can handle it, I am saying I wonder what the true impact will be.

I think some of it is already there as Verizon up until now has been an Android dominated market place. I am also interested to see how that is affected market wide. On top of that idea I wonder if this will in the long run be good for Apple.

I say that because I think the open aspect of this in many cases has been over looked by the general consumer. If you think about it, it is a cellular phone. In general cellular devices have been a closed market. Now though more, and more, this is being questioned i think because of android. As software develops and grows the impact in the long run will be huge I believe.

In the end I think Apple will be where they have always been, a specific market sector, and or the Calvin Klein of PC's. Whereas in general as this market widens and grows they will be used less and less. I really think the one thing Apple did right is the widening of there revenue stream, with departments such as iTunes, and the search market as well as the hardware/research components they have picked up in the last two years.

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

LMFAO...(214)-555-0101 is actually a real number, its an AT&T Directory Assistance number, 214 is a Dallas area code , AT&T corporate headquarters are in Dallas Texas..LOL

coolice 3 years ago

HAHAHA... thats awesome!!

LLeCompte 3 years ago

haha thats really funny. At least Big red is keeping it comical.

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