Verizon Gets Android Overload: Revolution, Trophy And Droid X2

It's a pretty big week for releases over on Verizon Wireless. The largest carrier in America just recently shipped the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, and a couple of big names will be joining that guy. LG's Revolution, HTC's Trophy and Motorola's Droid X2 also ship this week.

That's a pretty stout lineup of phones, and we'll confess -- not too many other carriers in America are popping out mega-phones like this on a regular basis. This also signals the massive influence of Android on the market. Just a few years ago, you had to hunt down an Android phone. Now, you have to hunt through a wave of Android phones to find anything else. It's good to see a serious competitor surface to rival the iPhone, and while Gingerbread is impressive, we get the feeling that the next version of iOS -- if announced at WWDC -- will put Google back on the offensive.

At any rate, those looking to get themselves a new Android smartphone for the Memorial Day break can pony up $200 on contract for any of these new guys.
rapid1 3 years ago

The funny thing about smart phones is this. OK if you are an iPhone fanboy you will get the next one. If you are not but want a smart phone you have an android or in some places a Symbian. If you are a business man you probably have a Blackberry and maybe one of the other 3 as well. If you are not into this always connected crap you have a non smart phone. This becomes a critical thing at a certain age where most everyone of that age I would think 30 under or maybe 25 under, definitely 20 under to maybe 16 or at least to a large degree. The thing is just like the PC was back in the day a certain amount of people and certain career types had an Apple, everyone else had a PC, and that was what 80% of the market. The thing is back then even IBM PC's were proprietary as well or at least in most cases. This one is a fight between open source (at least to a great degree) or 2 other platforms that are proprietary), the hardware is the same in almost all of them though, the software is proprietary here. On top off all the other things as well as the main source of the article is not only is it Verizon, but every cellular provider has multiple. Maybe some of them not as much or quite as current as Verizon, but they all have at least one new model and a couple less than a year old that are still pretty decent as well. Not to mention in the US ATT has if not quite as many several to choose from so do Sprint and T-Mobile they will all have more in a few weeks, mor a month after that, and more 2 months after that. Then we start on Quad cores rofl!

DMarshall 3 years ago

You should know (or at the very least mention) that the Trophy is a Windows Phone 7 phone, not an Android.

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