Valve Releases (Beta) Mobile Steam App, Not As Exciting As You Think

Steam has changed the way many people play games by delivering hundreds of titles through the cloud. Today, Valve (maker of Steam) announced a closed beta of a Steam app for iOS and Android.

If the above gets your heart pounding with the possibility that you’ll soon be able to play Steam games on your mobile device, this part of the press release will bring that heart rate right back down:
With the Steam app, gamers around the world may chat with Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content for their favorite games, read the latest gaming news, stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales, and more.
Alas, there will be no gaming with this app. Oh well, the app does have a lot of great functionality that will be much appreciated by Steam users. Being able to participate in the Steam community, read up on games you’re interested in, and getting notices about sales while you’re sitting in the dentist’s waiting room is desirable, especially as the app will be free.

If you want to jump in on the beta, download the app from the App Store or Android Market and log in to your Steam account via your mobile device to express your interest.
Via:  Valve
inspector 2 years ago

The steam chat got my interest :). downloading! Pretty "exciting" [;P] lol

LLeCompte 2 years ago

It seems pretty cool, it makes it easy to check out the steam sales and stuff.

Aoshi 2 years ago

I just did! Thanks for the heads up! I have been waiting for this.

JvanHummel 2 years ago

Hrm. Although I appreciate this, I'd rather they fix the uptime of their servers first. I get much too many disconnects where I can't see friends, chat, etc, where the site can't load or where I can't buy anything. It's not just me because many of my friends experience the same thing lately. Still going to get this though.

inspector 2 years ago

ARG!!! Should note only those chosen to be in the beta can use the app... :(

OSunday 2 years ago

Thats really cool, this will broaden the breadth of Steam's influence on the gaming community, hopefully eventually it'll get some plugins/integration for purchased games (maybe the indie ones like super meat boy, braid etc. that could work on mobile devices as well)

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

Not in the beta. Hope Im sent n invite.

dangerrenegade 2 years ago

Actually this looks pretty cool. I would totally download it if my OG Droid wasn't a useless piece of garbage at this point.

sackyhack 2 years ago

I don't know what the approval process was but all I did was log into the app with my Steam account, got you're not beta message.  Then I logged into Steam on my pc and there was a gift in my inventory called Steam mobile or something.  Then I tried the app again and it worked.

It's kinda like the facebook app but for Steam.  I wish it would give alerts for when an update or patch is released for a game in your library, though I don't think even the full client does this.  I've got 140+ games, and sometimes I uninstall one mid-way through to wait for a patch but then I forget about it.

thwang 2 years ago

Its kinda cool for valve to promote steam in this way, as steam community seems rather weaker compared to other social network (despite the fact its more about gaming). This will bring more competition to the market :) way to go~

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