TomTom Tricks Out Sony's Xplod Nav Systems with Maps, HD Traffic

Tom and Jerry. Starsky and Hutch. Mulder and Scully. Abbott and Costello. Batman and Robin. Bill and Ted (who went on an excellent adventure). Take your pick on which duo is your favorite, and while you're at it, add TomTom and Sony to the mix. The two companies just announced a new collaboration effort that will shuffle TomTom's navigation technology and services into Sony's Xplod AV Navigation Systems.

"We are delighted that Sony has selected TomTom as their navigation services supplier in Europe," says Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. "This endorses our position as the leading location and navigation solutions provider. Combining the audio and video know-how of Sony with our navigational expertise has resulted in an excellent product range. Moreover, as the technology incorporates a flexible hardware design based on standard interfaces, it allows for easy updates in the future – a huge advantage in the automotive industry."

Sony's new Xplod systems will include TomTom's LIVE services, including HD Traffic, weather updates, and local Google business address searches. Sony Xplod owners will also have access to IQ Routes and Map Share.

No word yet on when these new units will ship or for how much.
Via:  BusinessWire
MMundy 4 years ago

I would rather see a Garmin HU.

animatortom 4 years ago

Thus begins the selling off and phasing out of all the stand alone GPS companies! just like I predicted.

I am sure we will see more "collaborations" with other major companies!

I am betting that Ford will by out Garmin, Mercedes will go with Magellan and Me Me will finally become a division of Sony. Just so they can keep the corporate liabilities separate if it fails, like so many other past Sony divisions.

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