TomTom Brings Traffic Access To All LIVE Models, Makes It Cheaper

Traffic's a huge pain, is it not? Anyone who has to dodge traffic jams on a daily or weekly basis is undoubtedly tired of it, and so is TomTom. Thankfully, a GPS company wants to work with you on making your life easier. The company has just announced that TomTom HD Traffic Service is now available on every single TomTom LIVE GPS unit.

That means that LIVE (a connected GPS unit) owners will receive valuable access to up-to-date traffic information as it happens, enabling their system to dodge upcoming jams and get them to their location more efficiently. Until now, TomTom HD Traffic was only available on the recently released GO 2535 M LIVE, so owners of the other LIVE units have to be celebrating. Additionally, TomTom announced that the new annual subscription fee for LIVE Services will be offered at the new price of $59.95 per year, previously offered at $119.95.

Of course, that's not quite "free" good, but if it saves you a couple of hours here and there, it'll probably pay for itself.

TomTom HD Traffic Service Now Available on All LIVE Models in the U.S.

More TomTom Drivers Gain Access to the Most Accurate, Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Traffic Information Available

Concord, MA, May 12, 2011 – TomTom, the world's leading provider of location and navigation products and services, announced today the company is expanding its TomTom HD Traffic service to all LIVE models available in the United States. Until now, TomTom HD Traffic was only available on the recently released GO 2535 M LIVE. TomTom HD Traffic enables drivers get to their destination faster and is the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic solution available today.

Now, owners of the popular GO 740 LIVE and XL 340 LIVE, as well as the newly released GO 2535 M LIVE, will not only have access to LIVE Services - including Local Search, Fuel Prices, and Weather Forecasts – but they will also have access to the award-winning TomTom HD Traffic*. Additionally, TomTom announced that the new annual subscription fee for LIVE Services will be offered at the new price of $59.95 per year, previously offered at $119.95.

"We are thrilled to expand availability of TomTom HD Traffic to more drivers in the U.S.," said Tim Roper, President, TomTom, Inc. "Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic will typically experience travel times reduced by up to 15%, helping them get to their destinations faster and be more relaxed along the way."

TomTom HD Traffic provides the most accurate traffic solution by reporting and capturing more actual traffic jams than ever before to help drivers avoid delays. Only TomTom HD Traffic will recognize traffic conditions for both major and secondary roads within the U.S. road network to help re-route drivers clear of traffic. Additionally, with real-time traffic updates every two minutes, TomTom HD Traffic will help reroute drivers around traffic more quickly and get them to their destination faster.

Expanding the availability of TomTom HD Traffic is one of the commitments that TomTom has outlined in its Traffic Manifesto, which is the company's mission to reduce traffic congestion for everyone. Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic are helping to reduce traffic congestion for themselves and every driver around them.

The expanded service is available immediately to current and new LIVE Services subscribers. For more information about TomTom's Traffic Manifesto, visit
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rapid1 3 years ago

My GPS was stolen from my car. Of course it was a Magellan, and I did of course report it stolen to the police, but I seriously doubt I will ever see it again. It kind of sucks as it was less than a year old as well as one of there top units. Either way we as of now have not gotten another GPS as I am really thinking I will just use which ever Smart phone I get also as a GPS, and as a credit card processing unit with my square plug in I got. It (the square device) also had issues with my GX2.

The one thing here that I am not certain on yet is what application or provider to use on a smart phone. I know Tom Tom offers there own app as do all the other big GPS providers/OEM's. Does anyone here have experience using a smart phone GPS application? If so what have you found to be the best one? That is whether it is one with charges or free. I have heard various things about this with in many cases Google maps GPS coming out as the best. I have only been able to find mixed reviews of a couple of others with or without charges.

either way none of them are true over all looks at the features and capabilities of smart phone GPS apps, plus I would trust people around here more any way to give me the full details. So if anyone has any input hit me up. It seem I will be waiting until at least June 8th for the HTC Sensation. So let me know whatever you can if you have experience in a smart phone GPS if you could!

realneil 3 years ago

I'll probably get a GPS unit this summer. I'll hold out for one with lifetime Maps and traffic though. The thought of buying updates once or twice per year just sticks in my craw. I will never do that.

KAshley 2 years ago

For many individuals,traffic jam has become unavoidable. We think it's time to task traditional considering with a operating remedy to decrease traffic jam on a huge.

For most Dodge repair questions, drivers using TomTom HD Traffic will generally encounter journey times decreased by up to 15%, assisting them get to their locations quicker and be more comfortable along the way.

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