ThinkFlood RedEye Mini Makes Your iPhone A Universal Remote

Apple's iPhone has become a lot more than a phone. The original iPhone set a new bar for all smartphones to meet, and companies have been striving to live up to that ever since. In more recent history, however, mobile operating systems like WebOS and Android 2.2 have really begun to push iOS 4 in terms of providing real competition, but there's one thing Apple has that the other companies have yet to grasp: the love of the peripheral market.

Without question, there are simply more iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories to choose from than on any other smartphone or handheld device. Every accessory maker looks to hit the iPhone market first, and everyone else, later. Let's look at ThinkFlood as an example. This small company designs portable IR emitters, a very important kind of device for anyone in the home entertainment category of consumers. Nearly every major component, such as Blu-ray player, cable box, etc., uses IR to transfer commands back and forth to a remote. If you have an IR emitter adapter, you're then able to transform nearly any device into a fully functional home entertainment controller.

The new RedEye Mini is exactly that kind of device with exactly that kind of power, but it will be available solely for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. This dongle is made to plug right into the headphone jack of either of those devices, and when used with an accompanying application, your iProduct can then be used a as home entertainment remote. Imagine using your iProduct to turn off/on your home stereo, DVD player, game console, TV, etc., and you get the idea. It's a pretty powerful tool, and it may provide that universal remote functionality you have been wanting. The device is scheduled to ship later this summer for $49, and a video of how it works is just below.

Via:  Marketwire
acarzt 4 years ago

Clever of them to send the signal through the headphone jack.

Too bad I intend to never own an iphone lol

Nethersprite 4 years ago

Yes, very clever indeed. When you think about it both sound waves and IR waves are just that: waves. Send a sound signal to a headphone jack, and it's up to the device to convert it to IR. Pretty genius actually; if I ever got an iPod Touch (no, never an iPhone) I might have a look at this.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

This is seriously tempting, especially as I do currently own an iPod Touch (and may get an iPad in the near future-- I'm loving Stanza so much on the smaller iDevice).

There have been a few remote control hardware devices for the iPhone et. al., one of which requires a sort of case that snaps around the whole unit. The app is labelled simply "Remote" and is from Power A. Can't tell you how it works as I don't have the $40 snap-on unit. The screenshots, however, look promising... and my TV remote has lost its power button, making me have to get up to shut the thing off... hmm.

Like the tiny little microphones that fit into the headphone jack, though, I'd be nervous about losing this miniscule and relatively expensive piece of hardware.

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