The Ultimate Performance PC: EVGA & Intel Infused

We first laid our hands on the Classified SR-2 at CES 2010 and were recently given the opportunity to take one for a spin around the lab. While preparing to test the board, however, a couple of important points led us in a somewhat different direction than a straight-up motherboard review. The EVGA Classified SR-2’s requirements are unlike any other desktop motherboard you’ve seen to date. And to meet those requirements meant reeling in some other exciting hardware in its own right.

On the pages ahead, not only will we be checking out the EVGA Classified SR-2, but we’ll be showcasing a pair of the most powerful processors currently on the market, along with the only 6-Channel CAS 6 memory kit available and an as-yet-to-be released case capable of housing it all. The end result is arguably the most powerful foundation for desktop PC platform an enthusiast could wish for to date...

The Ultimate Performance PC: EVGA & Intel Infused

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inspector 4 years ago

WOW, looks like you had a lot to play with on your hands there :). Would be REAL nice for a sweepstakes ;) lol. Host a server or two and play on them with out a problem :D. First i got to get some better internet... :D

If HyperThreading were to be enabled for the Futuremark PCMark Vantage test how much would it of beat the i7-980x by? The 980x beats the sr2 by a bit with gaming :P, at a lower power consumption as well :). I don't like the NOT "Ultra Expensive" part :(

Der Meister 4 years ago

Just as impressive as it is none the less I would love to have it just not buy 

Marco C 4 years ago

I would bet that HT, with this platform as it's configured, doesn't help much.  The benchmark just wasn't designed to exploit 24 cores (virtual or otherwise). The fact that it crashes before even running proves Futuremark didn't even test it.

rapid1 4 years ago

Wow is all I can say! That board is a thing of beauty top to bottom. The layout is absolutely prime, the cooling looks to be very well thought out, the components are top end all the way, the color scheme is gorgeous, it is a 1366 chipset, it has PCI-Express x16 ports all over the place, the memory top end is huge as well as the available memory speed. I am in love!

acarzt 4 years ago

That setup is pretty sick!

What's the price come to? something like $6,000??

Too bad it's not the best at gaming... boy would it make a good server tho lol

fat78 4 years ago

I would love to see the games of the person who needs this to play them

rapid1 4 years ago

Well the big thing is it is a 1366 anyway, you could also throw a couple of the 980's in it as well as you could the chips they used here. Both of the chips fit a 1366 from what I understood. Then throw in a couple of the top end ATI or Nvidia cards and a ton of memory with some SSD raid 5 love and a big enough PSU you got a gamers love fest you could not beat. Heck give me 6 G's I could build you an absolute beauty on this motherboard. I imagine I could do it with 5000 as far as it goes lol.

(Hmm 2 980 X's 1900, 1200 watt PSU 300, Two Nvidia 480's liquid cooled 1200, 200 HAF tower, 400 MB, 4 x SSD & 100 each, 200 dual liquid CPU coolers, 200 liquid cool for 480, still got a lil left over for goodies)

acarzt 4 years ago

The specs for this board claim 4x SLI... which assuming is different from quad SLI.

4x GTX480s anyone?? Would love to see that!

marco c 4 years ago

@Rapid1 - You can't put standard Core i7's in the board. It requires Xeons. But the Xeon 5680s I tested with are essentially identical to the 980x anyway--they just cost a whole bunch more. :)

@acarzt - That would be some serious power. :)

rapid1 4 years ago

oh I thought the Zeon's and 980 were the same chip socket, is it because the 980's won't work together where the 5680's will?

acarzt 4 years ago

Rapid, they use the same socket... But Core i7 chips don't like to play together.

Xeon vs Core i7 would be the same as the old Athlon MP vs Athlon XP. The chips were almost identical, but you have to pick up the MPs if you wanted to run more than 1 on a single motherboard.

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah; that's exactly what I thought after reading previous replies. Either or; other than price the 980 and Xeon's are close enough in architecture not to prove a negative generally. Another thing about this system while it would definitely have the basis for gaming, it is far more capable than needed for that activity. Still having one of these would be sweet as well as useful for quite a large number of things including gaming, server, design and on and on.

Marc B 4 years ago

The thing can blast through Adobe CS5 and utilize every single cpu thread in the process, making it a render beast for HD video. I would buy it if I could fit it into my 20 drive sever case, but I am sure the Asus P6T7 will be sufficient.

hitech 4 years ago

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LAddvart 3 years ago

I think I am in love I do allot of rendering and this beautiful thing looks like a dream come true.

rapid1 3 years ago

Lol; this thread is over a year old which means CPU wise everything is now different. I am sure this specific chip (especially the Xeon flavored one) is awesome, I am also sure that Intel has put out better now, and that they have done so on at least two socket's, if not 3.

Lee21 2 years ago

Wow, I wish I had not bought a different one right before Xmas...

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