The 2009 Audi Q5 to Include an Nvidia GPU

When the 2009 Audi Q5 "compact crossover vehicle" debuts this fall, it will feature an additional kind of powerful engine: Driving the car's audio/visual interface control panel will be an Nvidia GPU. The Q5 will include the latest generation of Audi's Multi-Media Interface (MMI), manufactured for Audi by Harman/Becker. Harman/Becker refers to the MMI as a "3G infotainment system": 

"The Harman/Audi platform sets new benchmarks for automotive navigation, communication and wide-screen entertainment. A high-performance NVIDIA graphics processor ensures that navigation map images transition smoothly, even when the vehicle quickly changes direction. Driver orientation is enhanced by a three-dimensional landscape view that reproduces true-to-scale terrain. Photorealistic depiction of points of interest allows visual matching of key landmarks to the in-car display, and identification of commercial points of interest is enhanced with well-known brand logos. The display offers a bird's-eye view of more-distant destinations and features automatic close-up zoom at intersections."

"Available map media cover 43 European countries, the United States and Canada.  Precise audio route instructions and voice commands for audio, telephone, address book and navigation functions are supported in eight languages. The system supports connection of external devices such as USB storage media or an Apple iPod; a jukebox function allows for creation of personal music playlists. The digital radio accepts both European Digital Audio Broadcast signals and U.S. satellite services. An integral four-band GSM cell phone supports Bluetooth connection and accepts a SIM card from a driver's personal phone."

There was a very brief mention of this on Nvidia's SLI Zone blog, which accidentally stated that an Nvidia GPU would be featured in "the new Audio [sic] Q5." Oops. There has been no mention yet of what specific GPU will be used. The blog went on to say:

"I'm not saying you can play ETQW in your car quite yet (wait for the hacks!) but this is really cool integration of powerful visual computing GPU that will revolutionize car navigation with full 3D acceleration."

We applaud the potential integration of current computer technology into automobile designs that purport to improve the driving experience. On the other hand, we're not sure the additional distractions for the driver are necessarily such a good idea; and we're leery of introducing yet another, potentially overly-complex technology with a temperamental history into our vehicles. We'd hate to have our car stuck in the shop so that its firmware can be updated and new drivers installed. Then again, playing a MMOG while stuck in traffic doesn't sound so bad.
Via:  Harman/Becker
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squid267 6 years ago
Thats soo cool. Imagine the possibilities, oh wait its car who the heck needs gfx when you can look outside. This is unnecessary, but a interesting idea nevertheless. Another issue is driver distraction, I personally get sucked into the beauty of graphics.
LaMpiR 6 years ago
a "3G infotainment system" :) :)

Yea, definatelly interesting concept...
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
Very cool! This is an exciting turn for car AV systems.
lifeasjosh 4 years ago


RyuGTX 4 years ago

The detailed maps are very nice. I am a guy that usually figures out my direction based on sight like buildings.


As for distraction, they will probably keep it at a low level for the front driver screen. They could add some screens to the head rests so the kids can play games in the back with headphones.

Marius Malek 4 years ago

It looks like Nvidia is expanding their client market. I don't blame them, the next step for cars have always been for them to be cleaner, more efficient, and smarter machines than they are now. If the cars have smarter computers then we are allowed more options for them, of course right now they will be really expensive since none are being massed produced. 

But the car of the in 10 years....will basically have integrated computers with the already onboard computers that monitor the car. Every vehicle will be equipped with WiFi capabilities, so you don't even have to leave your car. Next thing you know Sonic will be offering WiFi so people will drive up and browse the web while they wait on their food. 

Speaking of cars though, it doesn't surprise me that a international company would do this, especially Audi since they produce some really good vehicles. I think that the true scale terrain thing will really help people with navigation, because it helps them locate landmarks easier. And well, some people can't look at a 3 inch screen and scale distances very efficiently. 

I knew that navigation would go tech loco sooner or later. We've now evolved from having just a mapquest style interface, to basically a good earth. The computer for this car is really nice though, it's essentially a multi media center, better than just a radio in my opinion. 

justinbakers 3 years ago

Audi have produce their cars with hitech components! Every car that drives today are filled with electronic components that aids the driver to its destination. Navigation systems have become common on all road cars especially in Europe and North America where GPS are highly successful in guiding the drivers. It is not just the navigational system that is highly technological on an Audi made car. The engine itself is guided with electronic devices that makes the car fuel efficient to cover more distances with its fuel allotment it adjusts Audi Performance Parts to save more fuel and run smoothly too. But having an NVIDIA on a car is much more different which means it will process more data to keep you on the road and keep you connected to the world wide web.

marcosalvatorre 3 years ago

well this is a great news about the audi and it will have some good effects regarding on the car i want to make a development same like this one the audi a8 of the car

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