Telcel Exec Says iPhone 4 HW Revision Coming

Telcel started selling the iPhone 4 on their network last Friday, August 27th. Buyers might want to hold off, however: the carrier also said that Apple will be releasing a hardware revision after September to address the well-known "Antennagate" issues.

The report comes via CanalMX, which spoke to Marco Quatorze, Director of Value Added Services of Telcel. He said that initially, the hardware would be identical to the U.S. model. However, he added that after Sept. 30th, there would a hardware revision to fix the "death grip" issue permanently.

As most know, if the iPhone 4 is touched in such a way that the gap between antennas is bridged, calls and signal strength can drop. Apple launched a free case program last month, as a case between the iPhone 4 and human skin prevents any such occurrence, but announced the program would end Sept. 30th. Thus, there's been plenty of speculation that a hardware revision might be in the works.
Via:  CanalMX
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inspector 4 years ago

Wait is this only for telcel or for everyone? From the article i got it was only for telcel...

Nethersprite 4 years ago

"Thus, there's been plenty of speculation that a hardware revision might be in the works."

Just the timing should be enough to confirm: Apple ends its case program Sept. 30th, amidst rumors that there would be a hardware revision after September? Hmm...quite elementary, my dear Watson.

Who knows? Maybe with the revision (if not this one, then the next), the iPhone will no longer be AT&T exclusive. If you just look at this article: you can see that both AT&T and Verizon are using LTE for their 4G service, so why not?

EDIT: @Inspector: My thinking is, iPhones that are either produced or shipped after Sept. 30th, worldwide, will use the hardware revision. And the people who bought v1, well, they have plastic cases, no? Early adopters always get shafted, it's ironically a good thing I'm not rich enough to be one of them.

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