Teen Commits Suicide on Justin.TV

A 19-year-old has apparently committed suicide while filming himself on the online live-video streaming service Justin.TV. According to NewTeeVee, not only has the suicide been confirmed, but he was apparently egged on by commenters at both Justin.TV and BodyBuilding.com.

Abraham K. Biggs killed himself on camera Wednesday night. His handle was CandyJunkie on the Bodybuilding.com forum and Feels Like Ecstasy on Justin.TV. According to reports, he posted a suicide note on the Bodybuilding.com forum, but strangely (suspiciously), that forum is down for "maintenance."

The suicide note was cross-posted to this forum, however.

At that point, Biggs turned on his Justin.TV channel, took the pills and laid down to go to sleep on his bed, in front of all. Watchers evetually became concerned, and called the Broward County Sheriff's Department, who broke down the door (video below, may be disturbing to some) before covering up the camera.

NewTeeVee confirmed Biggs' death with the Broward County medical examiner.

While not explicitly related to cyberbullying, it's truly ironic that this occurred on the same day that the Megan Meier MySpace Suicide case against Lori Drew commenced.

It's sad. His Facebook page seems to be one of a good person, one dedicated to his friends. His note on the FP says:
Hi there, Mr. Biggs speaking. I'm a good hearted guy, I care a lot about my friends and my family and I would do almost anything for them. I'm the kind of person that is there for my friends regardless of time, I tell all my friends even if it's 3-4AM and they need someone to talk that they can always call and I'll never turn them away.
It's unfortunate no one took his posts and threats seriously; since he was lying there for hours he might have been saved.
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ice_73 6 years ago

this happened so many times before. i remember reading about this one guy who was chatting with his friends and was bragging about his high tolerance of drugs and just took so many, and mixed so many that he got knocked out and was dieing, his friend didnt call 911 cause they didnt want to get in trouble, he died. then another time this guy hung himself also while using a webcam (i think it was in england...). it seems that the internet is too much of a mask, that there are 9 year old assholes who are just on to annoy and disterb others, that when people actually mean to do something people assume they are just looking for attention.

this is sad... though i wonder if the pills we took were mdma :p

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

This is just sad. No

amdcrankitup 6 years ago

 Im just curious how does someone justify in their own mind coaching some one to take their life!?

Bender1001 6 years ago

Them coaching him to do this was just disguisting and unacceptable in my book

Nobody doing anything after the fact sounds like a case of plurastic ignorance to the situation. Not saying it's an excuse for what they did, but can understand why it went down the way it did after they realized what was happening.


jtm55 6 years ago


Hi All

It's always tragic when somone chooses suicide, especially when someone young chooses it. 19yrs old. The kid hadn't began his life. Sad.

tanka12345 6 years ago

It's very sad to see a tool like the internet used in that way  :(

amdcrankitup 6 years ago

 In a post I read it says that some people even encouraged him to take his life! Who in their right mind would do that.JUst a tragic loss of life!

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Ugh, depressing news. He should have sought real help instead of posting on the internet though.

teenagers22 5 years ago

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