T-Mobile Aims To Make Data Affordable For Families With New Plans

In addition to new 4G plans, T-Mobile also introduced new family and individual plans w a variety of price points that will provide unlimited talk, unlimited text, and data without overage fees. The new plans offer between 200MB and 10GB of data, depending on the plan you choose. T-Mobile’s plans include an entry-level data plan for $10 per month for 200MB of data as well as a plan for $139.99 that provides unlimited talk, unlimited text and 2 GB of high-speed data.

T-Mobile’s New Unlimited Rate Plans Make Data Even More Affordable
for Families on America’s Largest 4G Network

New T-Mobile plans feature unlimited data with no overages

Bellevue, Wash. — May. 23, 2011 - T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced a new suite of family and individual plans that expand on the exceptional value and consumer choice the company provides to make data affordable for families on America’s Largest 4G Network™.

The plans, available for new and existing customers, offer single-line and multiline options with a range of price points for talk or unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data — with no data overages —  offering 200 MB, 2 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB of high-speed data. Each of the plans also includes unlimited nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling, and unlimited nights and weekends. T-Mobile also continues to offer one of the industry’s most affordable entry-level unlimited data plans, starting at just $10 for 200 MB of high-speed data per billing month.

Beating the competition, T-Mobile’s $139.99 unlimited family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data offers a savings of more than $350 per person, per year on a two-line annual plan, compared with similar smartphones plans from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.1

“Our new rate plans powered by America’s Largest 4G Network put us in an excellent position to capitalize on the 80 percent of wireless customers in America who want smartphones,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “We’re providing customers with the 4G coverage they need, an exciting portfolio of 4G smartphones, and the value and flexibility to meet the diverse desires of their entire family.”

T-Mobile’s family plans are also more flexible than ever, allowing customers to select different data options and add-a-line features to meet the needs of first-time smartphone consumers, data-hungry young adults and text-centric teens all in one customized package.

The new family and individual plans are available now. To find the T-Mobile plan that best fits their needs, customers can visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

1 Based on comparison against comparable post-paid plans for smartphones from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint; pricing does not include taxes and fees or cost of phone. Plan features and limitations may vary. Data as of May 2011. See T-Mobile.com for additional rate plan and pricing information.

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HHGrrl 3 years ago

I like the idea of being able to share my data plan with a few devices, but I'll still miss the truly unlimited plans.

Inspector 3 years ago

So... How much for 10gb???

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="Inspector"]So... How much for 10gb???[/quote]

It seems that Wireless companies are trying to change the definition of DATA to mean GOLD. They've been pushing us for years towards DATA hungry devices and offered truly unlimited plans to us while they got us hooked on the technology. Now that we're on the 'Tech-Teat', they're screwing the masses with "unlimited" plans that are really not, and they've jacked their prices for DATA to the stratosphere. Why didn't these IDIOTS use some of the huge profits they've enjoyed for years to beef up their bandwidth capabilities long ago? Why do they expect us to pay for them to do it now?

This is an industry that already makes obscene yearly profits, and they're meddling in the administration's telecommunications policy with their ultra rich lobbyists, and all they want is more, more, more. It makes me sick.

CDeeter 3 years ago

Data, ie bandwidth is the new oil - gotta have it so your gonna pay :-(

Btw, I don't think babies need cell phones. Sheesh at least wait till they are in kindergarten!  lol

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="CDeeter"]gotta have it[/quote]


CDeeter 3 years ago

Well maybe not me, I still use a plain old pre-paid cell phone.

realneil 3 years ago

Me too.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

Are they still getting merged with AT&T??? It doesn't matter how good t-mobile looks, I'm not going with anything related to AT&T. I really like the family data plan idea.

inspector 3 years ago

I use data 24/7... lol if i didn't have my unlimited... who knows how my bill may look. but im not sure how much data i can possibly use thought just browsing the web and watching videos on my iphone. :D Got to go check now... lol

AKwyn 3 years ago

It's nice that T-Mobile keeps introducing incentive after incentive, even though they're getting bought and assimilated into AT&T.

Makes me wonder why they're doing this nice gesture for...

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="TaylorKarras"]Makes me wonder why they're doing this nice gesture for...[/quote]

Get into a contract with them, and later on be tied to AT&T.

I wouldn't dream of it. (Red Polka-Dot Dress or not)

rapid1 3 years ago

This is something that is really kicking me. OK; to frame it for you, I have found out that they have to honor the 2 year contract even if assimilated into At&t, so that is settled for me. Of course I went into an At&t store 2 days ago now to just see what there prices were. I was rather surprised to find that they beat both T-Mobile and Sprint, but the data is 2Gb a month, and I don't get unlimited texting.

This would not be quite so bad with the limitations I laid out or unbelievable. The fact of the matter of is that I also as all of you know that an "unlimited" data contract is not really as stated. When you go over 2Gb you are throttled to the point of dial up speed, so seeing that there is no real unlimited is there a point to buying into it.

I don't think so personally. The real kicker here is with Sprint I pay $69.99 +10 for a 4g phone, with T-Mobile I just pay $59.99 +20 for premium data both being $79.99 in the end, and still throttled when I go over 2 Gb. Yes I would have unlimited calling to any cell phone with Sprint and my minutes actually count towards when I call a land line. With T-Mobile I get unlimited calls to any land line, and calls within the T-Mobile network for cell's up until a certain number. With At&t I get my minutes that I sign up for, but they roll over from month to month for a year.

Now I usually use between 200 and 300 minutes a month in extreme months I will use between 300-400 minutes, but have only gone over that 400 over a year ago, and probably 2. I also text probably a max of 30-50 a month so I find the $10 for a thousand texts in a month to be over the top as well. At&t charges $.20 a text message if you don't get a texting contract. So basically I would max out at about what I would pay monthly if and when I actually text'd 50 times in a month.

So for under $60 with the discount I can get I would have 450 any time minutes and 2Gb of data. Another thing that kicks me on this is why would a person not just grab a class 10 (super responsive) internal data card. I could then hold thousands of songs and not need streaming right. I seldom if ever and going to watch a movie on a 4-4.5" screen anyway. For data I would rather just download it on my desktop hook up my USB cord and load them onto my phone that way anyway. I am also not going to leave my auto wireless connection on ever. When I want to connect to a wireless network I will turn it on, and that's free on T-Mobile and At&t, but I think I need one of there connectors for my broadband connection if I want to use it wirelessly at home as well for calls.

Either way it is looking like for me At&t is giving the best deal at just under $60.00 a month for what I need. I hear so many people whining about At&t and there prices on forums I had taken it to heart and believed it. On top of that my city Atlanta is going to be one of there first LTE cities just like all the other providers as well. Atlanta was first day or earlier of Wimax, Verizon LTE, and Metro PCS ( a little later with this one but it is available to me as well). I won't need LTE anyway since I won't be streaming music as I know how to record streams anyways and there not live, I can just grab a movie or 2 and throw it on my 32Gb class 10 card if I need 1, and program downloads will be done at true speed at home anyway. Rofl; 4G LTE, Wimax or 3.5G entitled as 4G are all slower than my home connection by ten times anyway.

So I will use cellular data for GPS and a few other things which use nowhere near the amount streaming etc use data wise and from what I have heard specifically less than 2G in a 30 day span anyway. The data updates my friends and Family put on facebook or various other places will not be auto anything anyway. If it is someone I am close to and I need to know immediately they will call me anyway. Other than that I can see it when I am home. I will need it for my square credit card reader, but even used a few times a day that amount of data is about the amount of one email in a day at most which is nothing.

I think the biggest travesty about all of this is that they have fooled the general public into thinking they need unlimited data when they don't. They should just manage the data they do use. Anyone that thinks I am nuts do you use an At&t smart phone and not manage your data, or think I am crazy. I repeat the needed smart phone connection for me would be under $60.00 a month on At&t. Oh and my brother uses them on his iPhone 4 and data is always available to him and he never drops calls here either with about 6 years active experience to back that up in Atlanta.

animatortom 3 years ago

The T-Mobile Girl is Hot...!!!! Giggiddy :P

Instert Hardware joke?

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