TED and PBS Television Join Forces For "TED Talks Education" TV Special

It’s perhaps as perfect a marriage as two educationally-minded can have: PBS and TED (of the famous TED Talks) are teaming up to produce a one-hour special on the public network called “TED Talks Education”, which airs Tuesday evening at 10/9 central.

Although TED Talks tend to be fascinating, PBS and partner WNET (a New York public broadcaster) reworked the 18-minute TED format down to 5- to 8-minute segments per speaker. Topics will focus on education and in particular issues surrounding high school dropout rates, and the show will mix in clips of young people talking about their schooling. The hour-long event will be hosted by singer John Legend, who himself is interested in addressing poverty via education.

TED Talks

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is footing the bill for the program, which is about $1 million; that’s not an insignificant amount of money, but if TED Talks Education does well, the special could turn into a series.

Broadcasting TED Talks on TV on a regular basis would be a beautiful thing to see. No disrespect to the likes of “Downton Abbey”, but it’s far more valuable to have access to the words and wisdom of Geoffrey Canada, Pearl Arredondo, Rita F. Pierson, Sir Ken Robinson, and Bill Gates for free, right in your living room.
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Johnny3D one year ago

That's pretty cool. TED has been great for learning about new ideas, technology, and discoveries. I think bringing it into this venue and focusing on education is a good thing.

MayhemMatthew one year ago

I have given TED Talks hours. And with all the collabs and independent events, there is ore content than I can consume. I have watched talks that I thought would mean nothing to me, but turned out to mean a lot. They can take you by surprise sometimes.

Kidbest100 one year ago

Yes, there are some that are completely meaningless and stupid. I have a few that I never want to see again because they infuriated me so much with the bad philosophy and reasoning and logic that was presented by the host. But, there are some that bring up some very valid points, and a lot of creative ideas and views. It's a great source of knowledge

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