Swiftpoint Re-Thinks The Mouse For Laptop Users

The mouse has been "the mouse" for years now. Outside of a few crazy modifications, the mouse has mostly remained the same over the years. Even the mice shipping now with desktops look a lot like the first production mice that were used, and while a scroll wheel and a few extra buttons have been added, the mainstream public has yet to adopt a mouse that's drastically different than anything else.

Swiftpoint has finally accomplished the unthinkable: they're re-thinking the mouse, and the product that they have created is a real sight to behold. It's one of the most interesting and unique input devices we've seen recently, and while it's considered a "mouse," it's really a lot more. Rather than taking up a lot of space under your palm, the Swiftpoint mouse can be held with two fingers. It's more like a thumb accessory than anything, and it's obviously wireless in nature.

It also has an incredible battery (a minute of charging can make it last an hour), and it's perfect for use with laptops. Even travel mice are somewhat large and hard to use, but this really could be the first real replacement for the trackpad. Unfortunately it will cost around $100 when it goes on sale later in the year, but it just might be worth it.

Swiftpoint Ltd Announces Launch of Flagship Product News Release: Swiftpoint Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand: Swiftpoint Ltd announced today the upcoming release of their revolutionary Swiftpoint mouse.

12th July 2010

Swiftpoint has announced the release of the Swiftpoint mouse for early August 2010. "It is extremely exciting to be able to announce to the world that the Swiftpoint mouse will be available in a matter of weeks," says company CEO and product inventor Grant Odgers, "We have been receiving regular enquiries from people wanting to know when they can get their hands on one, so now we can confirm it is very soon."

The Swiftpoint mouse is a different kind of mouse. It provides all of the functions of a traditional mouse, however, it operates on the area of the laptop next to the touchpad, called the palmrest. This means laptop users can use their laptop in any environment they choose and still maintain the performance and accuracy a mouse gives. With the Swiftpoint mouse laptop users will never have to rely on a touchpad again.

The idea for the product came to Odgers in 2002 when his frustrations with the touchpad on his laptop grew. He wanted to be truly mobile with his laptop but could not do this with a traditional mouse. He discovered that he was not alone in this thinking, but in discussions with other laptop users, he realized there was no other mouse alternative that would allow him to use his laptop away from a table or desk without having to rely on a touchpad. Eight years on and after multiple product iterations, user group input and product testing, Odgers believes the Swiftpoint mouse will greatly improve people's laptop experiences whether for commuting, gaming or simply browsing on the couch. "The Swiftpoint mouse can be used in so many environments and with a variety of applications from precision design applications, gaming to general laptop use on planes, trains, buses or around the home. We truly believe it will change the way people use their laptops."

Odgers also believes the Swiftpoint mouse has the potential to address ergonomic issues often associated with using small mice. The Swiftpoint mouse has been designed to employ a pen-like grip making it feel natural and comfortable to use. Research has demonstrated that the Swiftpoint mouse design is 30-40% more accurate than a touchpad. The combination of portability, efficiency and comfort is what Odgers and his team believe make this mouse truly unique.

The Swiftpoint mouse will be sold online through the company's website www.futuremouse.com and through Amazon, with plans to expand into further retail outlets later in 2010.
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jwilliams4200 4 years ago

Sheesh, hothardware, way to drink Swiftpoint's marketing Kool-Aid.

I don't see the big deal. It looks like a very small wireless mouse. With a ridiculous little bracket to go on the side of a laptop, which only people who use laptops as desktops would ever use. The only thing I see that is at all interesting is that it seems to have a very quick charging circuit.

jturnbull65 4 years ago

For me, all discussions about the best pointing device for a laptop begin and end with the IBM/Lenovo trackpoint.

Nethersprite 4 years ago

@jturnbull65 You, sir, have just shown that we may be very good friends. I absolutely love the Trackpoint, have never bought and will never buy a laptop without one. (I've had a few Dells, the earlier ones with trackpoints, and my dad had a Toshiba with a trackpoint, but ThinkPads are the best either way.)

About this thing, resting the weight of your hand and some of the weight of the mouse on your bent pinky finger can't be good at all for your hand, and even though I use the "claw grip" when gaming, keeping your fingers crooked to fit on something that small looks awfully uncomfortable. Looking at it, I can't see how I can hold that thing for more than half an hour before my hand got tired.



That's what she said! (Come on, you saw it coming.) :D

acarzt 4 years ago

That thing doesn't look comfortable at all.

"Like holding a pen"

Well after prolonged use of a pen, my hand hurts. :-|

Inspector 4 years ago

Um, how is this any different from a modern or as they say first mouse? its just the same old things moved around a bit :P. there is still a scroll wheel, click buttons ect...

Like Jwilliams said, its just a teeny tiny mini wireless mouse... :P

3vi1 4 years ago

Gotta agree on the trackpoint. It beats this, and the touchpad hands down.

This mouse doesn't look very good to me, because the people are having to constantly pick it up and reposition it due to the small surface area. No doubt, if they turned up the sensitivity to lessen that effect, it would be really hard to do any precision clicking.

Also, if you're using this on top of your laptop, I doubt this thing will be very much "out of the way" once you need to let go of it and start typing. You'll be constantly putting it down and picking it up.

My one thought while watching this: Geez people - USE THE ARROWS OR PAGEUP/DOWN KEYS TO SCROLL THOSE DOCUMENTS.

There should be an elementary school class for new computer users that forces shows them to use all the keyboard shortcuts that will otherwise have them constantly pawing for a mouse or touchpad the rest of their lives. It drives me crazy to see people constantly stopping and grabbing the mouse to do common operations like a quick document save, highlight a line of text, close the current app, etc.

Now I'm going to press tab and enter.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Some people don't like mice. Eventually they'll all die off. In the meantime they'll sit in the comfortable chairs at Starbucks and proclaim in loud voices how their text-based computers are really more advanced than anyone else's.

But there are good mice and bad ones. I remember my HCI professor demonstrating the Ring Mouse, which was one you, well, wore like a ring. He showed us that anything which had to be taken off and put on was disruptive to the way people worked-- which has advised me since, especially as regards 3D.

If you want to "rethink" the mouse, try using a gesture-recognition system that scans a particular area of the desk (or lap, or bedspread) for hand gestures.

acarzt 4 years ago

I'm pretty happy with the mouse. I don't feel that it needs to be reinvented :-P

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